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Will McAvoy’s Christmas Story Inside The Newsroom (HBO)

By Bobby M.

This story I have written is a Christmas gift to the fans of HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ TV show. They have said this past year that they wish they could have seen this election cycle portrayed as a television season by Will McAvoy, Mackenzie McHale and all the rest. The video you see when you click here is the tone I am going for with this story. If this proves popular, I will attempt to write more stories such as these in the future


Thank you to Maggie Jordan in Washington DC on her insight regarding how the Electoral College suppresses the vote of the people contributing the most in taxes. ACN’s News Night will be right back after these messages.” Will McAvoy, the show’s host, said as the spotlights faded out, allowing him to see the studio better. In his ear, Jim Harper, the Executive Producer said, “Great block there Will, break will be a little longer than usual. And thanks Maggie, I love you.” Will chuckled a little every time those two would give each other little comments such as those.

During commercial breaks such as these, Will allowed his mind to wander a little, but since the election, it leaned more towards worrying instead. “How did we get here?” he thought often to himself. And tonight was no different as he stared at Neal Sampat working at his computer. Will’s mind flashes back to the year before when he tried to comfort him, “Don’t worry Neal, that call against your religion should be the end of Trump’s campaign. The people of this country can’t stand for their Muslim Americans like you to be treated in such a manner.” Will shook his head, still disgusted how wrong he was there and thought of other such incidents regarding the election which happened throughout the year.

His imagination next took him to the night he was snuggled up to his wife, Mackenzie McHale, the Director of the News Division for all of Atlantic Cable News (ACN), on the couch. They had planned to watch the Republican primary debate in Detroit with a bottle of wine. Their son was off to the side of the room drawing in his coloring books. As soon as Trump started in about his hand size, Will said, “I can’t watch this, I can’t watch any more of these monstrosities packaged as debates. A candidate for the President of the United States just publicly bragged about the size of his penis on national television. How is that acceptable? How is that acceptable to anyone? We should be talking about policy instead of this grade school nonsense Trump has turned all of these debates into. Screw this and screw this party. I am done.” He then shut off the power and turned to his son to say, “Charlie, go get your toy guitar, we’re gonna have a jam session together tonight before your bedtime.

Thinking of that moment led him to another involving his wife. The two of them were in her office along with Lucas Pruitt, the owner of the network, embroiled in yet another argument. “I’m telling you Lucas, I am not going to do it. I am not going to put the focus of the story on Hillary’s emails yet again regardless of what was in James Comey’s letter. We have put too much focus on it already and I will not do it again because of what was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.” Will stated forcefully. He continued, “We have done so many stories on all this that whenever I say the words WikiLeaks or Russian hacks, I physically wince like it’s a nervous tick or something. Besides, we left so much off the record regarding Trump’s pussy grabbing story when you declined Nina Howard’s info on the scandal that we are becoming unbalanced on the topic.” As he saw Pruitt begin to look down in defeat, he caught Mackenzie smiling as he finalized with, “Only way I am doing this story is if I can focus on the motivations for the letter to happen days before the election. Especially considering I have a source that told me McConnell wouldn’t let a Russian hack announcement happen because he thought it’d be partisan politics then.” McAvoy jolted back into the present as Jim announced through his earpiece, “Get ready, going to the EPA story out of the break.

After Will ran down all of the anti-climate cabinet selections Trump had made, he segued with, “Check out this news video package by ACN’s Gary Cooper and Tess Westin on what might happen to our environment and global warming under a President Trump.” Every time that he was forced to say ‘President Trump’, Will had to figuratively control his gag reflex. As the video played, he hearkened back to the very first night he was required to utter that phrase. That night began with him thankfully thinking it would be the last time he would discuss the Trump name with politics. But as the night wore on, the more dismayed he became…along with the effort needed to hide that feeling on the air getting harder and harder. At the end he turned to Sloan Sabbith and Elliot Hirsch who were both at the election desk with him to say, “America, I am disappointed. You decided that a man that insulted the disabled, is the very definition of a crooked businessman and treats women like they are objects is supposed to be our leader? And you did it because you think he can give you a job even though he usually hires foreign workers, exports all of his factory positions to other countries and cheats on his taxes? We’ll be lucky if he does not blow us all up in between the race riots his KKK followers will incite. Shame on you.

While the video was winding to an end, Will’s producer spoke one last time for the show, “Get ready for the closing in…3…2…1 and go.” He looked at the camera and then began, “Thank you to everyone on the ACN staff for their part putting that story together. It is that kind of teamwork we are going to need for the next four years. An effort that will require everyone. Forget what political party you used to be in before as all of us opposing this sham of a presidency need to organize now. If we do not, no telling what harm will come to our country and even to the world; especially given his recent talk of nuclear weapons as a way to appease the dictator in Russia he idolizes. And I am willing to be the one that shepherds us all into one driving force together to that end. Because if we do not begin to protect our future, who will.” He started to smile as he thought of what his deceased old mentor Charlie Skinner would say from up above after hearing that. Will knew that everything would change now that he had said publicly what he had been saying privately to his friends all this time, and he had to contain his laughter as he finished with, “Terry Smith is coming up next with the Capitol Report. This is News Night and I am Will McAvoy. From everyone at ACN we hope you have a great Christmas weekend. Good night.” Mackenzie had the same look on her face as she watched the end of the episode from her office. She was so happy with what was being said, she shut off her phone as Lucas Pruitt called, wanting the moment to last as long as it could.

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3 Comments on Will McAvoy’s Christmas Story Inside The Newsroom (HBO)

  1. Well done kind sir.

    I offer my nudge to continue the narrative.

  2. Jacob Abraham // December 27, 2016 at 1:01 pm // Reply

    A good read for Newsroom fans. Just wanted to point out that Neal Sampat is not Muslim. Reading that in the first paragraph was kinda disappointing. Sampat or Sampath is a Hindu Kshatriya surname, so there is no way Neal would have been Muslim, and saying so based on the color of his skin is ignorant and way off beam.

    • for the record, going off of a name on television is no way to determine things like that. they pick names based off of aesthetics and the like. but mostly, i thought neal was muslim because of how he described the stringer in egypt named amen in the episode of amen. that, and dev patel’s previous portrayals of muslims on tv

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