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King Donald: The Anointed One

By Jason Taylor 

Donald Trump is not a populist, and he is certainly no king. He is nothing, other than a flat-out narcissist. If people fawn over him, which he enjoys, his preference is for the fawning to be done by the rich and famous. Mr. Trump has the problem most narcissists face. His thoughts on any subject are circular, and periodically during the day those thoughts collapse on the center of the circle: Mr. Trump.

It is impossible and irrelevant to place a political or philosophical label on Donald Trump. He has no politics other than self-promotion. Equally important, because Mr. Trump is incapable of linear thinking, he has absolutely no idea of which direction he is headed.

Donald Trump’s worldview was presaged in 2011 when he attacked the foundations of America’s democratic institutions. He went right after the sitting president of the United States. Trump, with his birther campaign, told us that *no* government, even ours, is legitimate. With the Limbaugh Hate Radio Network, False News, the Tea Party, the curiously-named Freedom Caucus in Congress with its shut-down-the-government philosophy, well, the seeds of our coming nightmare have ripened.

There’s a lot of blame to go around, not the least of which goes to an ignorant populace who couldn’t recognize an idiot when he practically hung a sign around his neck declaring himself to be one, and who confirmed the suspicion with his every utterance.

The excuses are many. Working-class people were worried about jobs, or maybe whites felt unfairly oppressed by people they had oppressed for decades. But maybe they’d merely found a candidate who resonated with their ignorance, and that resonance was amplified by a media that circumvented the tempering effect of sensible analysis.

When the fall of the United States is written about by future historians, the Internet will figure prominently in the postmortem. The time of the slow, deliberate spread of information is over. There is no filter, nothing to confirm or verify reports, nothing to prevent people from seeking out and occupying a narrow silo of information that merely amplifies their foolish beliefs.

Leaving partisanship at the border ended when the GOP Congress wrote a letter to Iran vowing not to abide by international agreements. It ended when those same traitors invited a foreign leader to speak to a joint session of Congress in opposition to our president.

It’s treason all right. Treasonous when one party vows not to help pull the country out of recession in order to undermine the President. Treasonous when they put the full faith and credit of the US at risk to score political capital. Treasonous when the GOP refuses to approve judges, ambassadors and other appointees to cripple the very government they’re supposed to support. Treasonous when they’re willing to be elected but not to do the job they’re elected for. Treasonous when they refuse to consider a sitting president’s Supreme Court nominee in order to hand the seat to a Republican president. Treasonous when they do ad nauseum investigations of sitting presidents and a state department secretary based on fantasies, find nothing, and perpetuate them just to undermine the other side.

The real perpetrators of this scam are the people who voted for this transparent lying billionaire buffoon. Anyone who could have listened to this man and thought he was on the side of the downtrodden deserves to be trodden upon, and heavily. The only pleasure I feel these days is in knowing that they’ll feel the pain, first and longest.

That may seem like a pointless exercise, but so is flailing your arms when you fall off of a cliff. It doesn’t help, but it’s something you do when there’s nothing that can be done. Lemmings marched into voting booths all across America and stepped over the edge. They handed the government to people who despise them.

If morality is putting principle above self, the cowardice and self-serving greed of this batch of Republican politicians should cement their legacies throughout history.

Trump has proven himself to be one of the most successful terrible managers on the planet and is filling his administration with people that are bent on destroying our institutions from within.

Trump isn’t our Hitler, he’s our Nero.

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