Dispatches From The Swamp-Special Edition

By Susan Kuebler

A brief report from behind enemy lines to all members of The Resistance.

A strange truce has broken out between enemy forces and ourselves. Reports received that Vice President Joe Biden and his Secret Service agents have challenged Vice President-elect Mike Pence and his agents to a winner-take-all soccer match.

Rumored carol sing along with Republican and Democrat leaders on steps of U S Capitol have not been confirmed.  Am working my way through back streets of The Swamp to Capitol Hill to attend.

Have observed many residents of The Swamp exchanging warm greetings, presents, and countless fruit cakes (not currently serving in Congress).  A spirit of peace and goodwill permeates the area.

Am hopeful this portends well for all our country  Will be returning soon to safe house celebrate holidays with copious amounts of catnip and eggnog.  My nephew, Krazy Kitten, will be arriving soon bringing presents from family

Sending Season’s Greetings to all members of The Resistance and to the enemy agents as well.

Stay safe my friends.  America depends on us.

The Crafty Cat         Vive le Resistance



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