With A Jelly Toast Proclaim

By Susan Kuebler

Christmas is a beautiful religious season, but there is also a special magic about it. Especially when it comes to children. They may not understand all the implications of the Virgin Birth, or care if a Christmas song is “theologically illiterate.”.

They do know that a baby was born and they are going to celebrate his birthday. Like all birthdays parties, there will be presents and goodies to eat. They also know that this is a “special” birthday party and at this one, only the best they have to offer is required. Sometimes that may not be much

There are special songs to sing and each family had its own traditions.  Some families open presents on Christmas Eve while others wait until Christmas morning. Some go to church services, others don’t. Some whose families are not religious, or even from another faith tradition celebrate Christmas. But that’s okay.  Jesus, I imagine, would invite nearly everyone to his birthday party.

When I was a small child growing up in the middle of the last century, we didn’t have a lot. We weren’t poor by any means, but some things were special treats. Things taken for granted today.

I also loved to sing. I wasn’t very good, but that never stopped me from belting out those Christmas carols from the backseat of the car.  My favorite carol was “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing” and I knew every word of it before I could even read. It came naturally to my loud, untrained voice.  It also made perfect sense to me that it was “with a jelly toast” that the Angels proclaimed the birth of Jesus. Jelly toast being one of my favorite treats, reserved for special occasions.

Out of the mouths of babes, as they say. Perhaps this year we all might want to recall what is best in our lives, what is special and magical when we proclaim “Christ is born in Bethlehem.”.

Whether it is with “the Angelic Host” or “with a jelly toast” we can all rejoice in the birth of Christ.

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