Donald Trump’s Infatuation With Nuclear Weapons

By Jason Taylor 

Our President-elect continues to tweet like a shirtless frat boy. Apparently, this is how he intends to conduct foreign policy, rolling out 140 character social media posts. But now the stakes are a lot higher than his past Twitter rampages against political opponents, celebrities, etc. A lot higher than his occasional re-tweet of white supremacists, his birther tweets, his tweets embracing wild conspiracy theories.

There were a lot of concerns during the election cycle about Trump lacking the temperament to be trusted with the nuclear codes, concerns that continue to be validated today as Trump doubles down vowing to escalate a nuclear arms race. Concerns now becoming fears across the globe that our next President may just get us all killed.

The possibility that Trump was responding impulsively to a statement by Putin shows the danger of electing an insecure macho type who always has to one-up anyone he perceives as strong or a threat. The fact that Trump so cavalierly used Twitter to make a statement on such as serious and delicate topic as nuclear weapons shows the danger of a man who knows little of what he should for the job he is about to take on. It is truly scary and dangerous that he thinks he is too smart for regular security briefings.

It’s scary to have a President- Elect whose judgment is so terribly poor that he sees nothing wrong with tweeting an ill-considered message of such potential gravity. Match poor judgment with impulsivity, as in Trump’s case, and the results can be disastrous.

Donald Trump’s tweeted remarks may amount to nothing more than a desire to have all of the attention, all of the time. It works. Meanwhile, the press and the public respond by seeking the “deeper” message. Is he playing the madman? Is he responding to Putin? Or is he just thinking out loud? Rather than ask those questions, we should be asking whether the checks and balances in our system of government will be sufficient to control a man who hasn’t yet taken the oath of office but seems never to consider the problems his remarks might create for the existing chain of command. We should ask what kind of coward sits in his gilded surroundings, broadcasting inflammatory one-way tidbits rather than engaging in dialogue with the people whom he is soon to represent. We ought to focus not on what this behavior is, but on what it isn’t — it isn’t leadership.

The ten former nuclear launch officers who signed an open letter in October expressing their deep concern that Trump is unfit to handle our nuclear capabilities were prescient — the man isn’t even in office yet and he is already inflaming one of the most complex problems facing mankind. My anger at Trump voters grows daily. They disregarded inconvenient truths and FACTS to elect a psychologically unfit, narcissistic demagogue whose intellect is limited to 140 characters. If we survive the the next four years, or a lesser term hopefully cut short by impeachment, I will be grateful.

In general, I find the president-elect’s use of twitter to be beneath the office of commander-in-chief, but discussions related to nuclear weapons and the country’s nuclear arsenal should be treated with the seriousness that they deserve, not in an ambiguous 140 character statement that leaves multiple interpretations to even the experts.

Trump’s meticulous study of US nuclear policy and his historical perspective on every issue is plainly on display here.

My dog has the same amount of hours reading about US nuclear policy as Trump.


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  1. as soon as you started talking about the one-upping, the first thing that popped into my head was the barbers chairs scene from “The Great Dictator.” Yeah, I can see that…this country just elected the most insecure man I’ve ever seen to the presidency….ugh. Must have tea to clean the palate (and Baileys to clean the mind out–hee hee).

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