There Is But One Trump

By Jason Taylor 

Okay, all of the “angry” voters have spoken. Even though I don’t know what they were angry about because most of the ones I knew were pretty well off and driving the best cars or trucks. Now their protest candidate is running around celebrating while making his Cabinet pick interviews a reality show lapped up by his hated media. At the same time, I have the feeling that part of them are secretly wondering who they have somehow put into the greatest position in the world. And are secretly scared of what’s going to happen. But hey, at least they got to “blow everything up”.

Trump does not have any policies. All he knows is what he sees: Buildings. He flies to Singapore and sees and modern, clean, and efficient airport. He flies to his hometown’s LaGuardia and sees a dilapidated airport, reminiscent of a third-world country. His conclusion? We need new infrastructure. Duh.
Someone in his transition team has put up some economic ideas on his website, and he reads them without any understanding of what they mean.

What we know for sure is that he has appointed a deficit hawk as his budget director. Good luck getting him to propose, much less agree to, extra spending. He has nominated an Exxon Mobil life timer as his secretary of state. Good luck in getting him to agree to any policies to reduce the carbon footprint. He has appointed an ex-governor of Texas with no knowledge whatsoever of the duties of the Energy department to manage our nuclear stockpile. Good luck is getting him to propose any realistic policies on the subject. He has appointed a proponent of privatizing our entire elementary and secondary education system as secretary of education. Good luck in getting her to propose ways of improving our public education system. And I could go on with his other appointments, one more inept as the next.
Trump’s policies? Please spare us the joke. He has none. The next four years, if he lasts that long, will be a series of tweets. That’s the only sure thing we know.

The world will see the unqualified buffoon that Trump is. A man who is morally inept and professionally unqualified to lead this country. He has surrounded himself with clones, a veritable clown show of billionaires whose demonstrated lack of concern for the public good (General Mattis excepted) will characterize this administration as one of greed and corruption. He and his cabal are champions of false news and unsubstantiated innuendos. They are an embarrassment to this country.

If the trade deficit goes up, he will say the numbers are rigged and it really went down. When his 3 or 4 percent growth does not materialize, he will say they are counting wrong or blame Obama. No matter how bad things get under his and the Republicans’ economy policies — and they will, as they always do — his throngs will still blindly believe he is making America great again.

There’s no need to wonder what the result of the president-elect’s policies is going to be. The economic health of the nation is not likely to be any concern of a man whose entire life has been focused on self-aggrandizement, fraudulent money schemes, and stiffing workers.

People who are good at making money for themselves have one skill: they’re good at making money for themselves. This ability doesn’t correlate with intelligence, strategic planning or leadership. It’s possible to be rich and stupid. It’s also possible that he doesn’t want to release his tax returns because they’re written in crayon.

The world will see the real Donald J. Trump for what he is, not as a man who is interested in the realities of global trade, but as a predator, with the rest of us being pretty low on the food chain. Instead of consumers, we’re the consumed.

Too many people have given Trump credit for knowing what he’s doing. That’s their mistake and one we’ll end up paying for.

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