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The GOP Are Hellbent On Destroying Healthcare

By Jason Taylor 

The harm which appears to be coming from GOP plans on the social support programs is counter to the Christian principles of the most ardent supporters of the GOP. The disparity between the principles and the practices of those supporters is obvious and the GOP does reflect just that. I remember a certain mantra: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless. Care for the sick, the disabled, and the elderly is central to ‘love thy neighbor.’

And yet we hear so much about Christians being offended by ‘Happy Holidays’. If you object to your tax dollars helping people then you have a lot of nerve to call yourself Christian. Jesus was even more direct: sell your goods and give the money to the poor. Jesus did not waste his words on interposing a government between those who would follow Him and the poor.

The question, once again, is who is going to lead the Democrats in opposing the planned Republican dismantling of government? Give me one name who has broad public support and is also a Democrat? I’ll give you Joe Biden, but he’s soon to be out of a job. To understand the Ryan/Republican mentality toward the working class and poor, read A Christmas Carol. If you understand Scrooge before Marley’s visit, you understand his latter-day fellow Republicans.

I doubt Trump will hold any press conferences during his presidency. Instead, his silvered but fork-tongued surrogates will try to convince us black is white and up is down. The message will also be heavily filtered through certain media outlets, ensuring low information voters get the ‘correct’ message from their benevolent overlords.

The best Democrats and the reality-based media can do is relentlessly point out Trump’s promise was to immediately repeal AND replace the ACA with something BETTER and CHEAPER. And it wasn’t the Ryan plan. They shouldn’t be allowed to do anything until their replacement is ready and vetted. After all, Republicans have had eight years to develop their own plan to improve healthcare. It’s time they show us the money.

Democrats must do exactly as the Republicans have done during the past 8 years. They must oppose and obstruct Donald Trump at every turn. If the people of this country do not care about their healthcare by voting Republican, then why should the Democrats? of the 62 million people who voted for Trump, a few millions must be benefiting from the Obamacare and yet they have voted to lose their heath insurance! This has to be the ultimate in ignorance. If the Blue Collars and White Collars and white women want to have a Republican Administration, then they will be happy with lower benefits across the board, dirty water and air and a couple of wars thrown in for good measure.

Give it a year or two, and all those fools, who voted for Trump and by extension Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s people, will learn what their votes have bought them — Medicare and Medicaid auctioned off to the highest insurance corp bidders which will get busy as bird dogs eliminating the elderly, un-rich, and everyone who has or might develop a “pre-existing condition.” The motto of the new day will be “Get sick? Die quick.”

Meanwhile, Ryan and McConnell will be circling like vultures over Social Security waiting to zero in and hand over retirement savings to those Wall Street heroes, who did such a splendid job creating the Great Recession.

If we don’t teach the Trump-faithful that votes have consequences and that identity politics are bankrupt, they will never learn.

Trump voters, you served your purpose at the polls, now you’re about to get served.

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