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Open Letter to the #NotMyPresident & #MAGA Crowds

By Tom Milligan

To the #NotMyPresident crowd:

not-my-presidentIt’s time to face a few facts:

  1. Donald J Trump won the GOP nomination by soundly beating 16 other candidates – most of whom are/were well qualified for the role.
  2. Donald J Trump won the general election by soundly beating all comers, including Hillary Clinton, who most believed was a shoe in (myself included).
  3. Donald J Trump will be the President of the United States of America after he’s sworn in next month.

That last fact is the most important of the three.  If you’re a U.S. citizen, U.S. resident, or just a guest worker here in the United States of America, unless you move to another country (or die) before January 20, 2017, Donald J Trump will be YOUR President.  Period.

What you choose to do with that fact is up to you.

Nearly 30 years ago, my brother explained how he’d survived a very traumatic loss in his life:

“Every experience in life – no matter how big or small – changes you. Only you decide if that change makes you a better or a worse person.”

I’ve never forgotten that message and hope I never will.

By claiming he’s #NotMyPresident, and deciding if Trump’s presidency will make you a better or a worse person, you’re taking the cowardly “bury-your-head-in-the-sand” approach to dealing with President Trump.

And that’s EXACTLY what he NEEDS you to do.

He needs you to write him off.

He needs you to question his win.

He needs you to demonize the left AND the right.

He needs you to yearn for his tax returns.

He needs you to blame Russia.

He needs you to question the media.

He needs division.

He needs you to do exactly what you’re doing; washing your hands of his presidency and just looking forward to 2020 when, by some magical reckoning, the U.S. electorate will collectively wake up and agree with you.

Your misguided and unpatriotic attempt at disclaiming responsibility doesn’t absolve you from that responsibility.

To the #MAGA crowd: 

trump-heroIt’s time to face a few facts:

  1. Donald J Trump won the GOP nomination despite the fact that several other candidates are AT LEAST equally qualified for the role.
  2. Donald J Trump won the general election because of the Electoral College and not the popular vote.  (know that most Americans understand and support this fact – myself included)
  3. Donald J Trump, will be the President of everyone in the United States of America – whether we like him, voted for him, or agree with him – after he’s sworn in next month.

What you choose to do with these facts is up to you.

If all you do is exclaim #MAGA when a fellow American disagrees with Trump, you’re taking the cowardly “bury-your-head-in-the-sand” approach to dealing with Trump’s presidency.

The same cowardice is on display every time you call your fellow Americans traitors, cucks, cunts, Hillary lovers, libtards, snowflakes, butt hurt crybabies, or any other childish insult you hurl our direction in an effort to defend Donald by pointing it back on his accusers. (I expect a large number of such insults coming my way as a result of this article.)

And that’s EXACTLY what he WANTS you to do.

He wants you to belittle his accusers.

He wants you to defend his win at all costs.

He wants you to demonize the left AND the right so he appears to be the only solution.

He wants you to be apathetic about his tax returns and to demonize anyone who isn’t.

He wants you to defend Russia.

He wants you to discredit all media the criticizes him.

He wants division.

He wants you to do exactly what you’re doing; calling it treason to question his authority, his motives, or his integrity.

Your misguided and unpatriotic attempt at disclaiming responsibility doesn’t absolve you from that responsibility.

To both groups:

Regardless of which hashtag you’ve promoted, it is the responsibility of EVERY American to honor the office of President while holding the President – and ALL elected officials – to their oath of office, to a high standard of morality & ethics, and above all – honesty.

Questioning the President and holding him to that high moral and ethical standard is NOT treason.

It is NOT whining.

It is NOT a high horse.

It is NOT a sign of being butt hurt.

In fact, aside from going to war and risking your life for your country, citizen participation in – and oversight of – our government is the most important and patriotic duty we have as Americans.

Every day we hear more about Russian hacking, ISIS infiltration, terrorism plots and attacks around the world.  Make no mistake, we are targets.

All of us.

Party affiliation and hashtag loyalty mean nothing.

Our elected officials are elected to protect us against all threats – foreign and domestic.  And to that end, as Americans, we must unite to assist OUR President, OUR Congress, and OUR Senate to do what they’ve been elected to do within the bounds set forth in the Constitution.

NOTE: I’ve often used the terms Trumptard, Trumpstain, Trumpkin, and others in a childish effort to castigate Trump and his followers.  For that I apologize. 

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11 Comments on Open Letter to the #NotMyPresident & #MAGA Crowds

  1. one flaw in your argument. we’ve seen how the #MAGA crowd and others treated obama for 8 yrs. it was the basis of trump’s campaign no less. so if they can do that for as long as they did, then i most certainly can scream from the top of my lungs #NeverMyPresident. especially considering he’s made no attempt to stop his cyberbully troll army from harassing countless people while empowering hate groups like the KKK.

    • I understand and feel for your position. You’ve described mud slinging, lies, and yelling at each other. Replace those acts with acts of violence and you’ve described gang warfare.

      “That dude from that gang killed that dude from my gang. Now I’m honor-bound to kill someone from his gang.” Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

      Where does it end?

  2. This was brilliant, Tom. There aren’t enough adults on either side.

  3. I know someone whose new moto for everything not going quite right in his life is, “It’s Trump’s fault.” I understand why he wants to take this stance, but I do believe you make a very substantial argument for being above this behavior. In the end we have to stay involved and think critically about what our government is doing and how it is, honestly, affecting the prosperity of our country and our children’s future! I know my biggest concern and the reason I am staying informed, even though most people just want me to take the, “We just have to live with it and try again in 4 years” stance, is for my son and daughter and the role model I need to be as a mother! I will accept the presidency, but it doesn’t mean if he is doing things that are wrong, hazardous, or illegal, I won’t fight to hold him accountable, just as I would with my children or anyone who directly impacts my life.

  4. When are you people going to stop whining?? TRUMP WON. STFU already.

  5. Jason Haskell // December 21, 2016 at 4:58 pm // Reply

    Well said, Tom. While I didn’t support Trump during the campaign, nor did I support Clinton, once the election was over, I was pleasantly surprised by some of his initial cabinet picks. I can only hope that he surrounds himself with people who will have the best interests of the Country in mind and will work to restore the individual freedoms that have made America great. I am an American citizen, therefore he will be my President.

  6. Tom, as a blogger who has disagreed with most of what he said or did; but, I did so with facts, and I don’t Tweet or use Social Media. As you suggest, we’ll have Donald Trump–love him or loathe him–around for another four years. When he does something wrong, I will point that out; but, if he does something right, I will admit it.

    I don’t honk at trucks with Trump stickers, just like I didn’t at cars with N-Obama. If someone chooses to support Donald Trump, I trust that they have their reasons. And, hopefully, we’ll return to sanity on January 21, 2021.

  7. oracleofeerwah // December 22, 2016 at 4:49 am // Reply

    Onya Tom.. (Oz’e slang for, good on you/ya) Most people don’t like change, but change is good. The USA need’s change, Europe need’s change… Good old Britain has led this change. Trump is not the answer, but it has shown the establishment that people are sick of the status quo and the big end of town. Free trade is not the answer, this belligerents with Russia is silly while turning a blind eye to China. I applaud the Brits and the citizens of the USA for doing the ‘wrong thing’… but as you say; it’s done, the people who didn’t get a united Europe and another Clinton have to except that and unite.
    I predicted this would happen… This is just the start of a big change, world wide.
    I see things you cannot.

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