Russian Ambassador Assassinated In Turkey: Alt-Right Sides With Russia

By Jason Taylor 

The Trump effect around the world: I don’t believe that Trump’s past and present tough talk (or even his future actions if/when he takes them) will the effect of diminishing hate around the world. This is the price you pay associating with the likes of Putin and Assad, hands covered with the blood of half a million people, and this is just the beginning for Russia. I have little sympathy for Putin and his supporters.

The Russians have prolonged the agony in Syria by supporting the Assad regime. This act of unnecessary violence is small compared to the years of bombings and gas attacks that Assad has perpetrated on his own people, with support the of Putin and the Russian military. I condemn the act, but I understand the anger and frustration.

One thing we must keep in mind here is that although our relations with Turkey have been very chilly recently they are a fellow NATO member and we must — must — stand by them if their relations with Moscow deteriorate. The only good news is that for at least a few weeks we still have President Obama and Secretary Kerry still in place to smooth things over as best as they can. I would echo the sentiments of other writers, that hopefully our president-elect has the good sense to shut up.

I fear that this is a long-planned move by Putin to further his agenda of breaking NATO. I crazed person for sure — funded and prompted by whom? Can’t predict all the next steps, but it smells bad. With only a few days to go until Jan. 20, the timing seems coincidental. I would not be surprised that the defense of a NATO ally is put to the test shortly after the 20th.

They will take a more aggressive posture with Turkey for sure. Another predictable move is for Russia to move fully into Syria to eradicate more “terrorists”. We might be faced with a possibility of engaging the Russians militarily, which I supposed we would decline. Syria falls. The balance of Ukraine next after that?

Does Russia think it’s immune from retribution for its pitiless atrocities in Syria and its horrific thwarting of the refugee evacuations in Aleppo? Russia flaunts human rights at every level, torpedoes peaceful efforts at the Security Council and deludes itself that it’s a superpower in a world at war with itself. And the next President of the United States is in bed with this guy?

God help us.

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