It’s Not About Choosing Sides, It’s About Choosing America

By Linda Stockton

I was in a long discussion the other day with an old friend regarding the #NeverTrump movement. She was all in and was distressed and dismayed that Trump had been nominated and looks poised to get the Electorate votes needed to indeed become our next president. This friend claims that she was also #NeverHillary and disavowed ever voting for any candidate based on party affiliation. She claimed to be completely non-partisan and I took her at her word. She admitted voting for Obama, twice, though and this should have given me pause. However, our conversation deepened to discussing the issues currently in Aleppo, the security breaches of our intel by the Russians, the fragile relationship between the U.S. and Israel on other subjects which go back years in their scope.

When she began to get upset over Aleppo and the horrific and heartbreaking situation there, I mentioned Barack Obama’s famous red line statement as the point where the U.S. utterly dropped the ball. This was back in 2012 and approximately one year later, Assad was emboldened by Russian aggression into Ukraine and the encouragement of Putin. His slaughter of his own people escalated and the red line became a joke. Obama tried to back away from his statement and even claimed it was not “his red line.”  I stated that Obama had blood on his hands for his weakness in not following through on what was an empty threat. She looked bewildered and then upset that perhaps what I was saying could be true. She really, really liked President Obama. She attempted to say that the problems in Syria went back to the Bush-era and that we should have become involved back then. I pointed out that Assad was not committing genocide or using chemical weapons against his own people then. I also stated that Bush never drew a line in the sand that the world knew he wouldn’t cross.

We spoke next about the recent revelation that the CIA confirmed their finding that the Russians were involved with breaching the email systems of both the RNC and DNC during the election. She was incensed that the Russians “put Trump in power.” While I agreed that the Russians or ANY foreign government meddling in our election process is a serious and egregious matter and that we MUST investigate it to get the full scope of the breach and those responsible, I did not think that it was THE single thing that won the election for Trump. Hillary was a really, really…really terrible candidate. That didn’t help her. I said, somewhat offhandedly, that it’s not like we didn’t know the Russians were listening and prying and hacking. That Obama had known about it and chosen not to do anything about it months before. She was shocked that I would imply that President Obama knew anything about it and denied it categorically.

She tried to tell me that it was all Trump’s fault because he told the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails. I reminded her that ridiculous statement was made after it was confirmed early in the campaign that the Russians had hacked our systems. Of which,  the White House was well aware.  At this point, she called me a partisan and said she was disappointed in me. My turn to be a little shocked. I realized then that she was not a non-partisan as she claimed. She was most certainly a left leaning (VERY left leaning) democrat. She had softened her rhetoric some regarding her leftist beliefs…but, no one noticed because there was so much anti-Trump that the noise of hate camouflaged those who had jumped on the #NeverTrump train.

So, this is what I have found through my many discussions with many people of all different political persuasions. Those that are firmly Right, and have always been firmly Right are the ones who voted for Trump. Some of them have drunk the cult Kool-aid and lost their minds along the way. They have escalated into Alt-right, and white supremacy and extreme haters and mindless Trump worshippers. However, those that are firmly Left, and have always been firmly Left are a little trickier.

They have stepped up and said NeverTrump and joined in with those on the right that stood up to their own party and said NO to this crass, womanizing bigot. But then they claimed to be NeverHillary because they felt that there was a new movement, a new way, a new, decent, values-based party forming. One that would restore America to her principles…over party lines. They claimed to be all in for Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson or even (gulp) Jill Stein. Until one began to discuss the actual policies and practices of the last eight years.

At that point, the Kool-aid drinking, idol worshipping, blind following useful idiot that we are seeing today in the extreme Right of Trumpland, is clearly alive and well in these same blind followers of the Rock-star, Coolest-kid-in-DC, Celebrity Prez extreme Left sheeple of Obamamania. They are not able to extricate themselves from their fangirl or fanboy status of him to see what damage he has done to our nation and are happy to live in denial…and STILL ridiculous enough to attempt, in some cases, to blame Bush. Make no mistake, these are the first people who will scream to the rafters “I TOLD YOU SO!!!” when Trump screws up. And somehow, history will get re-written and Obama’s legacy will be one of unification, and healing of the racial divide, prosperity and peace and happy ever after…until Teump came along and everything went to hell.

This is what happens when people don’t think for themselves. When we become too lazy to listen and learn for ourselves. This is what happens when we buy into the myth that it is more important to be politically or socially correct than it is to follow our own minds and hearts. This is what happens when we fail to seek truth and to know for ourselves. And this is what happens when we believe it is better to choose sides rather than choosing America. Well, we have chosen poorly. From the very beginning of this election season. We had good and decent and qualified candidates. We chose Donald and Hillary. And now, remember, all choices have consequences.

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