Donald Trump Has Longed To Be The Cool Kid

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump has never fit in with the Manhattan socialites, no matter how much money he made, or how much he spent. Trump was born Queens, and through his life has always tried to be a part of the in crowd. Trump was never accepted by that elite group of millionaires and billionaires in Manhattan, and even as he takes the oath of office for President of the United States on January 20th, 2017, he never will be.

President-elect Trump sees himself as a strong and decisive leader who will transform the nation and amaze us with his greatness. His cabinet picks reflect his belief that he can effectively manage an unprecedented level of disruption. Everything we know will be changed simultaneously. In the end, I think this will go the way of our “shock and awe” campaign in Iraq — it will start with a bang and end with a whimper.

Trump and his Destructo-Right appointees are determined to turn this nation into a banana boat republic where the masses are dependent upon trickle-down economics. They plan to rule, not govern, this nation so that multimillionaires and billionaires will finally have us firmly under their feet. Trump also knows that millions of armed working class whites, his soldiers, are just a dog-whistle Tweet away if anyone complains.

Trump proclaims that he is smart, but the thing is Putin is smarter, or at least more Machiavellian. Trump is not worldly, knows nothing of geopolitics, or diplomacy. Apart from business skills, he is an ignorant in some many of the skills required to run a country. He is an intensely divisive figure, whom will add to the polarization within the USA, and therefore the political and social disintegration. Putin has assisted in creating the perfect storm within the governance of the USA. Putin knows that he is a fool, whom can be easily manipulated by flattery, or a well-aimed insult.

Russia has never been anything other than an authoritarian state, either under feudalism, communism, or the current oligarchy. Trump’s authoritarian approach would seem to be to be the antithesis of the American notion of freedom, although many of the Republican politicians seem to embrace the notion of a one-party state.

Trump supporters appear to desperately want political change through the singular vehicle of Trump. Many cannot even describe the political change they want; they just want someone to “drain the swamp.” It was a campaign of angry slogans and bitter, vengeful, hateful words from Trump. Correlating this to a political change causes concerns for those of us who embrace foundational ideas, constitutional government, and who value democratic institutions.

Many equate cultural and policial change. This is erroneous as cultural change bubbles up from the bottom and policial change is directed from the top. Political change may be a response to what the people want, to what people need, or directed by a few for their exclusive benefit. History has recorded it all.

Trump has been and remains incoherent and unpredictable regarding foreign and domestic policy. His behavior appears erratic, mercurial, immature, thoughtless, angry, threatening, mocking, contemptuous, and careless. We must take the next step to consider what this all means when such an individual assumes great powers of elected office.

Anyone that lacks intelligence, but is deceptive and cunning can be a threat to democracy. As long as there are lemmings that are willing to blindly follow, there will always be an audience for Trump. Regardless of what his self-assessment is, he does not impress as an intelligent sophisticated individual, but that means nothing to the undereducated, unsophisticated masses that applaud him.

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  1. You know, a year ago, when all this election and Trump populism mess was really getting started, I had a thought that I would probably be one of the first against the wall in my area when the “right-wing” revolution comes.

    The thought’s still there–just the timetable’s shifted.

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