Courage Of A Patriot Needed For The Electors

By Bobby M.

We keep hearing the phrases, “Cannot in good conscience” and “Want a clear conscience” when it comes to the public comments being voiced from some of the Electors regarding Donald Trump. Unfortunately, there is a percentage of them who have decided to turn that into some cockamamie scheme to select someone else.

Were they not paying attention during the Republican primaries when the party could not coalesce behind any certain candidate and remained splintered, which allowed Trump to win in the first place? So what makes those people think that will not only suddenly change, but also now happen for someone that was not even in the general election? It is either some kind of ideological fairy tale they are telling themselves, or it is a scam to either gain themselves some attention, or even worse, steal Elector votes away from our only real chance to keep a maniac out of office.

I guess these people are just trying to fool themselves into thinking they are doing the right thing, but they are really only fooling the public with their lack of fortitude. You want to really have a clear conscience, then stand behind your beliefs that Trump is unfit to serve as president and do everything you can to not allow it to happen. How clear will your conscience be when he…

  • Allows his Secretary of Education to destroy the public school system
  • Causes incidents like Standing Rock to happen every other month
  • Sells off public lands and parks to the highest bidder
  • Destroys the environment because of a misguided belief against global warming
  • Causes a trade war that leads to prices on everything to explode
  • Leads us into a war because of his thin-skinned nature

And that is just the tip of the iceberg regarding all of the horrible things that may happen with him in office, though you can read about more here. Yes, there is concern about potential fallout from some of his supporters, but in truth the bulk of the country is primed to support you doing what the Founding Fathers intended when they came up with this safety valve to our elections because of Trump’s connections to Russia and his denial of the facts behind them shown by US intelligence agencies.

Fifty-five percent of the country are concerned when it comes to belief in Russian interference in our elections. Another poll found that Fifty-two percent would like the Electoral College vote delayed until after all the members received a full intelligence briefing in regards to the hacks. It was even found that Forty-six percent would be willing to support the idea of ‘faithless electors’ doing what their role was intended to do in our electoral system.

You could put your name down in history as a patriot just like Paul Revere because you will be fixing what our mainstream media broke and do what the pathetic campaign officials behind Clinton could not do; keep a monster from destroying America. Patriotism was never supposed to be easy. That is why they call it “Serving your Country”. Most of us want to do what we can to make the world a better place for the future and our children, but only the Electors have a real chance of making that happen if they can find the courage within themselves to do it.

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