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What is Wrong With Our World?

By Lorana Hoopes

A friend of mine forwarded me an article today that broke my heart. The Conseil d’Etat has declared it inappropriate to show kids with Down’s Syndrome smiling on TV. The reason? Women who aborted their babies due to Down’s Syndrome might feel guilty. What’s next? The banning of all babies on TV because they might feel guilty?

The award-winning French movie Dear Future Mom was released to show parents that kids with Down’s Syndrome can do almost anything their peers can do. They can read, go to school, become actors (Remember Corky on Life Goes On?) All of these are wonderful things, meant to reassure parents that raising a child with Down’s Syndrome isn’t as big a deal as some people think. So why the outrage? Probably the children themselves declaring they were happy to be alive. After all, how could they be happy to be alive if they can’t live a full life? Or at least our definition of one.Isn’t that the new excuse? I had an abortion for my child – to spare them. So how dare they go on TV and say they are happy to be alive?

Today, 90% of pregnancies diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome end in abortion. That number is 96% in France because they require the test that is optional in the United States.

In a world demanding acceptance and tolerance for everything else, isn’t it odd that a video would be banned simply because the mere appearance of children with Down’s Syndrome may bother someone’s conscience?

The problem is that it should bother their conscience. It should bother all of our consciences. If you have ever met a child with Down’s, they are the sweetest children, generally. They tend to embody all the good of humanity and very little of the bad. The fact that we are wiping out this people simply because we don’t consider them “normal” is abhorrent enough, but the fact that we are trying to hide them so people don’t feel guilty is ridiculous and heartless.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves, if any reminder of a “choice” may cause undue suffering, then why are we applauding that choice? Why are we declaring it a human right? Why are we deciding that one life is more important than another?
Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.


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  1. What a moving article. I love the way you challenge the reader at the end. Very moving case for those with DS. Keep up the good work. Del

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