Obama Puts Trump In a Precarious Position On Russia

By Jason Taylor 

Donald Trump is most likely a Russian agent, unbeknownst to himself. He was groomed for years. His choices in a spouse, business decisions and running for President, all planted conditioning of a decade or longer investment by Moscow. They own his mind and actions. America’s soon to be President is a Russian agent. Our secrets will soon be theirs. Donald Trump’s puzzled facial expressions are evident on the subject of Russia.

He goes into a strange denial mode that seems programmed. Much of what has come to light was not considered when he was being programmed, hence his weird silence and repeated mantra about Russia. I hope our government has people who are experts in this stuff because I’m not an expert and it’s obvious to any thinking person. Thank you disaffected lunatic fringe Americans for not staying tuned in for decades, preferring Kardashians and Duck Dynasty to real news. The left can take some blame for this too.

This is cyber-war that could, and probably will escalate — no matter what the U.S. does. The lack of communication between the FBI and the DNC is simply horrifying and looks even more questionable when considering Comey’s unprecedented announcement of their re-opening the “investigation” into HRC’s emails less than 2 weeks before the election. The fragility of American cyber security is alarming. It’s also pretty ironic to think of the huge fuss made over Clinton’s use of a private server, especially considering that Kerry and others in the state department had to do the same thing. Maybe a private server is more secure.

Trump’s denial of the Russian meddling could be coming from his all-too-typical impulsive, narcissistic and ego-driven reaction since it casts a shadow over his “win”. But his comments during the campaign, his stated admiration of Putin, and his nomination of so many pro-Russian and pro-Putin appointees has to make you wonder.

A lot of Republicans, including Mr. Trump, don’t believe this. In the case of ordinary citizens, that’s unfortunate. In the case of Mr. Trump, it’s dangerous.

Whether by design or chance, there’s little doubt that Putin will have his boy in the White House. And Putin will be wondering how he can use said boy to advance his corrupt regime at home and abroad. The problem lies not only with Putin’s nefarious ambitions, but how he, or anybody, will continue to keep the boy on the right path to achieve their aims.

No-one can deny Trump’s energy, thick-skin or self-belief. Nor his ego, ignorance, indiscretion, and immaturity. Compounded with his chaotic approach to life, the sheer unpredictability, makes him hard to control.

There will come a point when his ego will no longer be satisfied. He will tire of the fawning, the riches and the novelty of being President and will want to do something to leave his eternal mark on world history. Not an appealing prospect.

It is astounding and deeply disappointing that no one connects Putin’s manipulation of Democratic and Republican confidential files with the easy access he would have to Trump’s investments in Russia and, quite probably, Trump’s taxes. With such access, he could blackmail Trump for far more than a Tillerson appointment, and that is what we ought to expect. How can we ignore the realistic appearance of treason as a result of such blackmail, and then install a Russian puppet as President of the United States?

The GOP is not a political party. It hasn’t been since 1992. It’s a cult, started by Pat Buchanan (Culture War) and Newt Gingrich. Its followers cannot be swayed or persuaded by any facts or data. They’re whacked-out on Kool-AId. They are republicans first, Americans second. The situation unfolding in NC is further proof.

The democracy is more fragile than we’re willing to acknowledge. It’s literally teetering on the edge. We should all be on high alert, especially considering the helpless media. We’re in a very dangerous situation whether we know it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not. It doesn’t appear there’s anything that can be done. The momentum is with the cult. Checks and balances are out the window since they have all three branches of gov’t. Simply put, in the GOP lexicon, if a Republican does it, it’s fine. It’s legal. If a democrat does it, lock-em-up. And that’s the way it is. And, it’s a tragedy.

Fascism is on the march. The corporation and the state are now one. Trump is the official entrenchment of the corporate plutocracy. Consumer rights and protections, gone. Environmental protections that impede corporate profits, gone. Collective bargaining, gone. Public schools, gone. Campaign finance reform, gone. Protection of minority rights, gone.

What will rise? Plutocratic dynasties. Corporate monopolies. Lower wages for more people. Fewer choices for the consumer. Higher profits for Wall Street. Pollution. Poverty.

The masses will be told that doing these things will unleash our economy and prosperity will flood the land, helping all. It will not. It will just increase inequality even more. The masses will be pacified by looser gun restrictions making them think that owning guns keeps them free but they will still become slaves to their corporate masters. Carrying guns everywhere does not put food on the table or a roof over your head.

It’s over folks. Many on the right will respond by saying, stop worrying, or, I’m just a sore loser, or, I’m just a hyper-emotional alarmist, or, relax and just give it time. The reality is that those on the right just flushed their freedoms away. The protections they are about to lose are theirs as much as for minorities. Their paychecks will not increase. Jobs in rural America will not come.

Power at the top will become more concentrated, just as they asked for.

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