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2016: The Year of the Hypocrite

By Tom Milligan

The year was 2008.  I was 40 years old and had never cared much for politics. Like many Americans, had always voted for “best man for the job.”

Jon McCain had somehow won the GOP nomination.

And an exciting, young, black Senator from Illinois had captured the attention of the Electorate.

hope-and-changeI bought his story.

And while I’m ashamed to admit it, I fell for his message of hope and change.

I believed him when he said he’d reach across the aisle to work with the Republicans.

I was impressed that he wanted to pattern his cabinet after that of Abraham Lincoln; filled with former rivals.

I bought his lies.

I was dismayed by Obama’s inability or unwillingness to establish a diverse cabinet.  The only “rival” he nominated was Hillary Clinton – who turned out to be the most corrupt and vile politician of our time – and ultimately not really a rival at all.

Obama’s inability to reach across the aisle for a bi-partisan agenda was exacerbated by a hyper-partisan GOP led by House Speaker John Boehner’s pledge, “We’re going to do everything — and I mean everything we can do — to kill it, stop it, slow it down, whatever we can.”

By any measure, and regardless of blame, Obama had failed his first term.  Period.

Anyone could see that.  Everyone should have seen that.  In fact, from my perspective, the only thing Obama had succeeded at doing was to galvanize my conservative values.

I will never again just vote for the “best man for the job.” and will always choose conservative values, principles, and ethics over all else and will actively seek to elect leaders who reflect my values, principles, and ethics.

In 2012, I actively campaigned for Mitt Romney.  I didn’t campaign for Romney because he had an (R) by his name or because he won the GOP nomination.  I campaigned for Romney because he reflects my values, principles, and ethics.  Period.  End of story.

As a vendor to the Salt Lake Olympic Committee, I’d had a front row seat to the miracle performed by Mitt Romney as he salvaged the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games from scandal and almost certain ruin and turned them into the most profitable winter games in history.

The fact that he had founded and run an extremely successful business AND successfully governed the most liberal state in the country while maintaining his conservative values was icing on the cake.

The left mocked Romney for being rich, for being “stiff”, for being part of the “establishment”, and for being disconnected from the real world.

Obama ridiculed Romney for correctly identifying Russia as our biggest geo-political threat.

They mocked him for opposing Obamacare because of Romneycare when anyone who understands the 10th amendment knows why Romneycare worked and Obamacare has failed.

They pounced on the leaked video where Romney correctly stated that 47% of the electorate would vote for Obama because they’ve become dependent on the federal government and that he would “never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

The fact that he was/is right meant nothing.

But alas, the electorate fell for Obama’s campaign tactics…again.

Enter 2016…

The relentlessly attacking campaign style of the left was adopted by the most leftist Republican primary candidate in the history of the party.

During his announcement speech, he attacked the “best and brightest” from both mainstream parties.  His speech set the tone for the rest of his campaign: ridicule, attacks, lies, misinformation, disinformation, and anything else he needed to say or do to win.

He attacked Obama – a target rich environment – falsely claiming crime is at an all time high, that Obama founded ISIS (with his co-conspirator Hillary), that Obama was afraid to deport anyone, that Obama wasn’t really a citizen (which Trump himself later recanted), and that Obama should be tried for treason for running up the national debt.

Trump and his army of morons then relentlessly attacked all GOP candidates using any tactic, technique, lie, rumor, or innuendo necessary to elevate the Donald – without ANY substantive plan, policy, or program that would indicate his ability to do any better.

They demonized Goldman Sachs and attacked anyone that had ever worked for, or had an account there.

They claimed rigged elections, Russian hacking, media bias, and told so many lies the media just stopped reporting on them.

It was all fair game.  Even if it wasn’t fair.

They accused Ted Cruz of stealing the Iowa primary and having five mistresses.

They called Heidi Cruz ugly and tried to tie Cruz’s father to the JFK assassination.



They legitimized the National Enquirer for God’s sake!


Then Donald pulled out the best trick he’d ever learned on the grammar school playground: he started calling people names.

They called Carly Fiorina ugly.

They called Jeb Bush “low energy”.

They called Marco Rubio “little Marco”.

They called Ted Cruz “lyin’ Ted”.

I NEVER thought the party of Lincoln and Reagan – the party that is supposed to stand for family values, small government, fiscally responsible and conservative ideals, and adherence to the Constitution – would fall for this blowhard who spent the first 68 years of his life supporting liberals and liberal ideals.

But they bought his story.

They fell for his message of hope and change.

They believed him when he said he doesn’t need to reach across the aisle because he doesn’t need conservatives. (see the irony there?)

They don’t care that he’s loading his cabinet with billionaires, establishment elites, and Goldman Sachs executives.

They somehow believe he’s a man of the people even though he shits on a gold-plated toilet.

They bought his lies.

trump-hope-and-changeThey look the other way when Donald tries to weaken the first amendment.

They don’t care that Trump possesses zero family values and that he pimped out his own wife for nude photo shoots.

They believe that Mexican immigrants are all rapists and drug dealers and that they’re pouring unchecked over the border when the facts prove just the opposite.

They praise him for his ingenious fiscal plan even though it will add $5.3 Trillion to our national debt.

They call him a “compassionate conservative” because he proposed the government pay for maternity leave – perhaps the most liberal idea to come from a candidate in 75 years.

They deride anyone who dares question their Supreme Leader calling us cucks, traitors, libs, dems, and other idiotic nicknames while claiming only liberals call others names and failing to see the irony.

There’s a word that describes every single Trump supporter: Hypocrite

The electorate fell for Obama’s campaign tactics…again…but on the GOP ticket.

The hypocrites won.  It’s their year.

Congratulations Trumptrain; you’ve elected Obama II


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  1. A fantastic article. You hit the topics precisely and wonderfully.

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