Dear Trumplicans…

By Tom Milligan

Dear Trumplicans:

You can choose to be offended by the term Trumplican, but you should know that I’ve chosen to refer to you as Trumplicans because while you’re certainly not Republicans, most of you are more Republican than Democrat.  Otherwise, I would have chosen the term Trumpocrat.

I’ll admit, it was a toss up, but let’s stick with Trumplican for today.

Yes.  I’m aware that your candidate – and now President elect – put an (R) by his name a few months before the primaries.  But that (R) doesn’t make him a Republican any more than it makes him a conservative.

But how do we know what it means to be a Republican?

Fortunately, the official website of the Republican party provides a list of exactly what it means to be a Republican.  The following items from that list are AT LEAST questionable when it comes to Trump – and therefore, his supporters:

  • Country is exceptional

Face it, your dear leader doesn’t think we’re exceptional – and neither do you. How do I know?  Simple; your whole schtick is “Make America Great Again™” right?

crying-pepeYou’re probably wearing that stupid hat right now.

The definition of great is: ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average.

In short, your stupid Trump hat shows the world that you don’t even believe the U.S. is above normal or average.

Compare that to the definition of exceptional: forming an exception or rare instance; unusual; extraordinary; unusually excellent; superior

If we’re not even above average, how can we be exceptional?

If you buy into the #MAGA BS, or if you’re wearing a stupid Trump hat, you’re not a Republican.

  • Constitution should be honored, valued, and upheld

Donald puts so many conditions on his support of the Constitution that this is beyond laughable.  What’s worse is your willingness to turn a blind eye to his plans.

If you’re unwilling to hold our elected officials accountable to their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution (all of it), you’re not a Republican.

  • Leaders should serve people, not special interests

This is what you really bought right?  That Donald can’t be bought.  He’ll save us from corporate greed, special interests, and wall street Right?  Add in Hillary’s “pay for play” scheme and that’s all you needed to hear.

Donald alone can save us!

Yet you gleefully support Donald as he loads his cabinet with executives from Goldman Sachs and the billionaires they served.  He’s also selling special access to himself and other cabinet members to anyone who donates $1 million or more in what can only be called a “pay for play” scheme of Clinton proportions.

It’s clear Donald serves ONLY the special interest named Donald Trump.

If you still defend his cabinet picks and his pay for play activities, you’re not a Republican.

  • Families and communities should be strong and free from government intrusion

Two words: Eminent domain

  • Institution of traditional marriage is the foundation of society


Three marriages, adultery, avoiding STD = “personal Viet Nam”, grab ’em by the pussy, lusts after his own daughter, etc.”


  • Government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient

Instead of eliminating unconstitutional and/or inefficient departments as he promised, Donald is appointing cabinet secretaries to lead those departments.

Donald also plans on increasing – not decreasing – our national debt by TRILLIONS.  That’s not a Republican strategy.

Donald’s federal government will NOT be smaller than Obama’s.

If you support him in these actions, you’re not a Republican.

  • Health care decisions should be made by us and our doctors

So naturally, instead of repealing Obamacare as he promised, he’s building on it.

If you still believe Donald will uphold this Republican principle, you aren’t really a Republican.

  • Paychecks should not be wasted on poorly run government programs

Since Donnie’s only successes have come at the expense of his employees, his shareholders, and the taxpayers, how can one possibly believe that he knows how to succeed without causing harm to everyone but himself?

Donald himself said he’s “the king of debt.”  His plan to borrow more money sounds just like his failed casinos.  But this time, he can’t get an illegal loan from dad to bail him out.  We’ll all be stuck holding the note.

Donald will waste our money and will run all government programs poorly.  Period.

  • Culture should respect and protect life

“I believe [abortion] is a personal decision that should be left to the women and their doctors.” – Donald Trump

In addition, we’re all familiar with Trump’s claim of being “Pro-choice in every way” including partial birth abortions.

He claims to have evolved on this issue citing Reagan’s evolution as a precedent.

Are you kidding me?

Reagan evolved over a lifetime.  Trump “evolved” over a few months leading up to his campaign?

Even you have to admit this is questionable at best, but more likely is complete bullshit.

Donald Trump, whose plans, policies, and lifestyle choices fly in the face of Republican ideals, can only be considered a Republican in Name Only (RINO).

Regardless of his true platform, what you’ve done you’ve done.  Trump will be President.


But please don’t follow him blindly.

Please support him ONLY if he’s upholding the Constitution.  Support him ONLY if he’s upholding Republican ideals.  Support him ONLY if he reflects your values.

And challenge him if he doesn’t.

Otherwise, you’re a RINO too.


  1. It’s gonna be a long month until inauguration day comes…I can’t stand the man, and I hate the fact that he’s President-Elect and will be president on that day…but at least we can stop having 24 hour coverage about what he wants to do and is trying to do now…and then they’ll start having 24 hour coverage over what he is doing as president (or not doing when reality, compromise, etc all come crashing down on his orange mop).

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