Think. Please. Do not allow Apathy to Set in.

By: David Oslin

Celebrity outrage. For those of us who are keeping their eye on things and even for many who are not. This is just smashing your head into your desk worthy stuff. But sometimes you see an unexpected social media post from someone you just adore and it really just makes you want to flip over all the tables.

We live in a day and age where anyone can be instantly INFORMED on a topic in under 30 seconds. An Expert in damn near anything in under 30 minutes if their brains can handle it.  So to see what is clearly an uninformed tweet on a situation as disastrous as Aleppo is…there’s a reason everyone started screaming earlier this year when someone on the campaign trail flubbed it… Oh right, that was the Fake Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

This is more of a ‘think before you speak’ kind of post. A Public Service announcement if you will. It started for me with this tweet.



A little bit of background, she’s an artist. A different realm of art than most are used to. To say she is the bleeding edge would be an understatement. She has literally brought characters off the page, to life. Costumes people might have at one point considered impossible, she’s done. That kind of skill and talent is to be celebrated. But when someone so cherished by so many posts something like that? It spurned this article. Because this wasn’t the first second or third time this situation has flared up.

It’s been a consistent topic the entire year and even last year. This has been an ongoing problem. It affected the campaign. It’s not an easy thing to see something so uninformed from someone you respect. She didn’t really respond with much, but she is working on her end to raise awareness as this moves forward. Part of me wishes she’d been in the game earlier. She can probably count on one hand the amount of politically awakened constitutionalists who follow her. Her speaking out on this topic can only help the situation. But that it comes out like its something new is not the way to have gone.

This, however, comes round to something bigger. We have created systems we barely scratch the surface of. Americans with the amount of access to knowledge that we do should be the most frightening people on earth. How can we have so many uninformed under-informed people in this age of instant information in LITERALLY the palm of your hand?

Apathy. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Yaya’s tweet here was made out of any sense of Apathy. But I do believe it was made out of frustration overcoming reason. If she had looked or even Googled the words ‘Allepo Efforts’ She would see just how many people are involved. She didn’t do that. Too many will not. And that is Apathy…perhaps apathy brought about by Anger. Being so angry for so long that the anger has broken and apathy is left in its wake. It is something we can not allow to truly take hold. If we do, Donald Trump will have what he wants. A Movement that has given up.

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  1. This was definitely necessary to read, and very correct. I mean, as much as I’m a researcher at heart, I also get into overwhelming emotion and want to start posting and going nuts to spread things. It can take tremendous effort to not just up and react. I’m working damned hard to avoid doing that (though Tuesday I totally botched THAT plan…back to square one).

    There’s only so much that can be done, but educating oneself on what’s really happening in the situation, the timeline of it (and making sure to let people know how old the info they’re sending on is), and efforts to help that’re around already (that maybe others could join and lend a voice to?…) are better steps.

    Amazing how this has been a long-going thing and people are just now responding to it–oh, wait, what did The Donald tweet about Hillary’s socks yesterday? Three hours of cable news coverage aren’t enough! OMG! (ugh, and people wonder why I won’t get on Twitter–140 characters or less of trite crap. If it’s really important, put through a well-worded and thought-out post in regular typed English!)

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