Why Does Everyone Have Such a Big BUT?

By Tom Milligan

I recently had a conversation with a close friend of mine from California.  I incorrectly assumed he would be against gun ownership and was pleasantly surprised when he said, “I think it’s great that people like you are willing to carry a weapon and defend the rest of us.”  Oh how I wish all non-gun owners (AKA future victims) had that same attitude!

Unfortunately, the pleasant surprise was immediately dashed when he followed up his statement with, “I fully support the second amendment…BUT…only if some changes are made.”

Fact: One does not really support something if they have to add conditions to said support.


If one puts a big “BUT” on the end of their support for the second amendment, they don’t really support it.

That same test can be used with every freedom, liberty and right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and its amendments.  If you put a “BUT” after your support, you don’t support it.

For example, Donald Trump supports the freedom of the press guaranteed in the first amendment…BUT…he wants to open up libel laws to make it easier to sue reporters and news outlets.  It’s axiomatic that this would reduce the freedom of the press and make it harder for reporters to do their jobs.

Sean Hannity is another well known bafoon who claims to support free press…BUT…has recently called on President-King Trump to “choke out” any media outlet that doesn’t openly admit to supporting Hillary’s campaign.  Perhaps Sean needs a lesson in what the word “free” means.

What’s scary is that so many of Trump’s supporters brush off this lack of support for our basic freedoms as “not a big deal.”

In fact, a few weeks ago, I saw a tweet on my timeline which said we no longer need the press at all because, “our President tweets the news directly.”


Imagine if Trump announced that he supports the fourth amendment which bans unreasonable search and seizure…BUT…if it’s really important, he’ll waive that rule.

His loyal supporters would sing praises to the man who knows how to get the job done while those of us with actual brain activity would be terrified and do everything in our power to stop him.  And we’d be called traitors for doing it.


Too many say they love our country, but have never read the Constitution or the amendments.  If you haven’t read them, you certainly don’t understand them.  If you don’t understand them, you cannot support them.  If you don’t support them, you cannot defend them.

The time has come in the United States where we, as a citizenry, must learn what’s in the Constitution, what it means, and decide if we truly support it.

No “BUTS” about it.

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