List of Trump’s Ties To Russia

By Bobby M.

Given the news from the CIA, backed by numerous cybersecurity experts, that Russia wanted Trump to win the 2016 election, I thought I would attempt to list his connections to Putin and the country. This is very daunting considering just how deep and widespread the ties go, while at the same time Trump lies about it all and our media does not try and call him out on it all better. With reports now saying Vladimir Putin himself took a supervisory role in what the Russian government did, the biggest lie that needs confronting is Trump’s actual relationship. The following videos offer clear evidence that are contradictory to what Trump tries to say when it comes to Putin: Video #1, Video #2, Video #3.

Given everything listed, it is ridiculous for anyone to say that Russia and Putin were not wanting Donald Trump to win the presidency. It should also be stated that Russia was on course to run out of money next year, if something did not change for them regarding the sanctions imposed on them for invading Crimea and annexing it. The best way for them to prevent that from happening was if Donald Trump won the presidential election. And considering how deeply involved the hacking was, the allegations of interfering in the elections must be true. Some people have even gone so far as to say Trump is a Russian spy or at least actively working for their benefit. Regardless of what the actual connection is, all of the Electors from the Electoral College need to see the CIA report, because they are our last chance to prevent Trump from taking office.


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