This is Not The United States Of Russia….or is it ?

By Jason Taylor 

If there ever were a reason for the Electoral College to take the election results into its own hands and deliver the country from an illegitimate result with devastating consequences to our national security and esteem among the world’s nations, this is it.

Amazingly, the president-elect is brazenly assembling a team of Russian sympathizers to form his cabinet. The Russians won’t need to hack the servers of a Trump administration, they’ll have direct access to classified information through the friends they helped to high places.

An infiltration into any part our government should be met with outrage. I don’t care if you voted for Trump, Hillary or the Pillsbury Dough Boy. This is not partisan. It’s an act of espionage if not outright hostility by a foreign entity. Investigate and take the proper course of action. If Trump is to be taken at his campaign word, such an act will be met with harsh consequences.

In Donald Trump’s limited, incurious mind, the golden sphere of influence that emanates from Trump Tower is the best sphere, the biggest sphere, the most beautiful sphere the world has ever seen. It’s the only sphere that matters, and by sheer dint of the art of the deal, world leaders will bend to his will on bended knee.

President Obama, with quiet grace, has been singularly successful in improving mutual cooperation and benefit with reprobate nations and leaders, reducing frictions and improving America’s international relationships. For that, little Donald has called him weak.

The truly depressing paradox here is that it’s Trump who is weak. Putin didn’t successfully manipulate the US election out of altruism; he wanted a fool in office he could manipulate. China and Iran are rubbing their hands with glee. History will show that Obama was much more feared and respected than Trump will ever be.

It’s unconscionable that Trump’s willing gamble away a fragile world order out of sheer narcissism.

Trump is happy to let the world order degenerate into spheres of influence because, thanks to his gargantuan, uninformed ego, he thinks he can dominate them all. Like the fools who voted for him, he thinks he’s a winner. Except that his record shows otherwise; he’s more often been a loser.

Most all the proposed appointments Trump has made to lead departments in our federal government have expressed the desire to destroy the agencies they are to lead, or, they come from industries, at counter purposes to that of the agency they are to lead.

Trump’s denial of the Russian meddling could be coming from his all-too-typical impulsive, narcissistic and ego-driven reaction since it casts a shadow over his “win”. But his comments during the campaign, his stated admiration of Putin, and his nomination of so many pro-Russian and pro-Putin appointees has to make you wonder.

Whoever you voted for, and whatever impact this had or didn’t have, it puts the results of the election in serious doubt. Surely there’s some statute or clause that allows an election to be nullified so that we can have a do-over. The possible consequences are simply unthinkable.

This is a systematic assault on our nation, our government, our way of life by Russia, through its tool, Trump.

What’s most shocking, are few are standing up against the onslaught.

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