Rules Don’t Apply To Donald Trump

By Jason Taylor 

Critical to contest, at every opportunity, the cast of unqualified, conflicted Trump nominees. The American people are looking to the media and both chambers of Congress to challenge Mr. Trump when he proposes ridiculously compromised candidates.

Are we in “Alice in Wonderland” when the president-elect nominates individuals who have little or no regard for the goals and history of their department? Rick Perry: While earlier he had a difficult time remembering which department he wanted to abolish, it now is clear he may well be the head of that very department.

Mr.Tillerson: He has acted against the interests of the U.S. government. Attending meetings in Russia when asked not to do so by the administration. Dealing with Chad in opposition to U.S. interests. See Rachel Maddow last night. Putting the financial interests of Exxon ahead of the interests of the country.

I’ve come to understand that the rules don’t apply to republicans, and especially to Trump. The reason for this simple. Republicans make more noise and fight harder than democrats. They stay on message, act in unison/lockstep, and they know how to win. I fully expect democratic leaders Pelosi and Schumer to cave at the slightest hint of blowback. Democrats lose because they aren’t tough enough.

So far Trump has been undaunted by any rule or regulation that might curb his abhorrent behavior which includes colluding with a foreign power to tamper in our elections. Last time I checked that was called high treason. But nevermind. The GOP don’t care about high crimes committed against the American people as long as it helps them win. They would sooner see our country in flames than lose an election.

Clearly, Trump is mocking the American people by choosing people like Rick Perry to oversee our nuclear armaments, among other duties. He’s doing the same with Ben Carson, a man who can’t seem to put together a coherent sentence and Rex Tillison, who’s mission in life is to get the sanctions lifted on Russia so his company, Exxon Mobile can proceed to make billions off of a Russian oil deal. I hope republicans in the Senate and House will put their country before their party and reject all three of them.

There is no one to protect us from the slow moving calamity already in progress. Stand back and watch as this incoming wave of charlatans shred all of our checks and balances while the Democrats stand idly by like whipped school children who just has their lunch money stolen.

The Cabinet appointments are surreal, unbelievable and frightening. You are nominated if you oppose the central tenets of that very department.

It is the duty of every citizen to speak out, resist and challenge Trump’s compromised nominees. Do not normalize that which is ridiculous on its face.

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