Among The Big Things

By Linda Stockton 

Out Among the Big Things

Colorado Vintage Poetry

Out among the big things —
The mountains and the plains —
An hour ain’t important,
Nor are the hour’s gains;
The feller in the city
Is hurried night and day,
But out among the big things
He learns the calmer way.

Out among the big things —
The skies that never end —
To lose a day ain’t nothin’,
The days are here to spend;
So why not give ’em freely,
Enjoyin’ as we go?
I somehow can’t help thinkin’
The good Lord means life so.

Out among the big things —
The heights that gleam afar —
A fellow gets to wonder
What means each distant star;
He may not get an answer,
But somehow, every night
He feels, among the big things,
That everything’s all right.

~by Arthur Chapman

I find myself in the beautiful serenity of Breckenridge today. It is quiet, being a weekday, and a few skiers meander down the pristine whiteness of the slopes outside my window. Snow is falling steadily and accumulating rapidly as the lifts slowly take bundles of ski coats with people wrapped inside them up, up, up to the tops of the silent slopes.

There is a calm and comfort being in the snowy mountains for me. It is an enchanted  world here cloaked in pure white and muffled from the noise of the world “down there.” Here, there is no thought of cabinet picks, or election recounts, or cyber hacks, or even, God forgive me, Aleppo’s horrific violence.

The human brain is able to absorb so much of the world around us. It has untapped potential and capacity to understand, sort, file, analyze and compartmentalize data at an amazing rate. The human psyche, however, is much more fragile and its scope much more narrow. What the psychological does with the information received from the brain is not unlimited and not always reasonable. Simply stated: Sometimes it’s all just too much. And when it is too much, there are the mountains. A welcome refuge from the clutter of life. A sweet respite from urgency and people and doing and going and…things. There is instead, the great bigness of the world. And the majesty and wonder of God’s creation. And somehow, all seems right in my world and balance is regained.

And, for a time anyway, there is peace within.


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