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Rex Tillerson: A Friend Of Russia… Trump’s Pick For Secretary of State

By Jason Taylor

It has been 35 days since the election.

In 35 days Donald Trump has chosen a racist for the Attorney General, an alt-right guy to be a top advisor, a woman who ruined the public school system in Detroit but is really rich, a man without any experience to run a $50 Billion Department of housing because he lived in house and had also been accused of being a psychopath by Trump, a man who believes in robots and lower wages for remaining workers in this country to run labor, a man to run the Department of Energy who proposed to get rid of it when he ran for office, a man who has sued the EPA and is an oil champion to run and gut the EPA.

Trump has no understanding or appreciation of diplomacy, the professional diplomatic core, or experience in government. All he understands is authoritarian power, CEO style, and deals for profits. Human dignity and suffering are not variables in those equations.

Trump worships the deal. He worships the profits generated from those deals. Tillerson has been very successful making energy deals with Russia. Trump praises Putin. Trump wants to make a Russian deal maker our Sec. of State. This smells really bad. In light of the fact that Trump is obviously hiding financial dealings with the Russians, selecting Tillerson is like the Godfather making his son chief of police. That’s the source of the rotten stench.

Trump’s appointment of so many plutocrats to his cabinet, and with this likely double whammy of Tillerson-Bolton at State, the final reel of this horror movie is in the can. Grab your popcorn and Cokes and enter the theater to watch “Invasion of the Booty Snatchers”!

If there is one thing that is sacrosanct in Donald Trump’s approach to misgovernance, it’s the promotion of the economic interests of himself, his family and his select group of fellow plutocrats — his appointees. We can rest assured that their interests will be served as Mr. Trump leverages the power and prestige of the American presidency for all that it’s worth.

Never before in American history has so much political-economic power been consolidated among so few readily identifiable individuals.

Every day — as I read, hear and watch — it becomes more and more evident that we are on the brink of what is likely to be, or at the very least appear to be, an extremely corrupt Trump administration. Mr. Trump reportedly has economic interests and various degrees of indebtedness in at least 18 foreign countries, some of which — like Putin’s Russia — are, to put it mildly, less than friendly to our nation’s interests.

The world was put on hold because Hillary deleted private emails that hurt no one. Here we have Trump hiding his tax returns and appointing a Russian apologist as chief diplomat which can hurt plenty of people. It threatens the security of the United States. But both are super patriots because neither would place profit over country. Even if it meant doing business with a corrupt thug dictator. Right.

No experience? No problem! In this no experience needed government, all you have to have is an allegiance to Russia. Wake up, republicans. Whatever you think you are getting for your compliance isn’t worth it. Trump is obviously controlled by a foreign power. There is no other explanation for the preponderance of evidence. Tillerson has no other credentials for Secretary of State than a recommendation from Putin and his own army. Seriously, his own army.

It is crazy to let Trump ascend to the presidency. Even Mitch McConnell is starting to look a little scared. How can the Republicans expect us to live in this state of existential anxiety for four years? Why do they think they can reign Trump in? This is a Putin cabinet. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon, self-avowed Leninist, smiles. His previously stated goal — destruction, tearing it all down. Do these guys in congress with their flag pins stuck in their lapels care so little about our democratic republic, that beautiful experiment in self-government, that they would let it be destroyed?

Our best hope at this point is in the Senate to deny some of these appointments. Hopefully, McCain, Graham, Collins, and others have seen enough and will start caucusing with the Democrats to provide real pushback and oversight. More than Hamiltonian electors, I’m hopeful of Jeffordsian senators.

“There is a great danger in refusing to believe things you do not like.” — Winston Churchill, 1939

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