Congressional Investigations of Russian Cyber-attacks Moves Forward

By Jason Taylor 

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have announced they support congressional investigations of Russian cyber-attacks. Could this be a sign that Republicans (at least some) plan to stand up to Trump to protect America, our institutions and the rule of law before it is too late?

Two possibilities on why Trump dismisses the CIA report: He is not intelligent enough to see that this is a serious threat to our democratic processes or he was aware of it at the time and perhaps complicit in cooperating with the Russians. Either makes it necessary for our Congressional leaders to conduct a fair bipartisan investigation and let the chips fall where they may.

Donald Trump kept telling us that the system was rigged and the elections were crooked. There are some who might say, he knew what was talking about and that that explains his “miracle” victory. If nothing else Trump and Putin have done what has never been done before. They have undermined the faith of the American people in the electoral system.

If the roles were reversed and the CIA had come out with a similar pronouncement that the Russians had hacked to sway the election in favor of Clinton to suppress the vote for Trump, you can bet ‘’Revolution” would be screaming from the Republican side of the aisles and it would not be surprising to see militia displays in certain southern states with AR-15s marching in their streets.

To pretend that a broad indictment of this scope and breadth is not worth an investigation and serious, immediate exploration PRIOR to an Electoral Vote is foolish, given the window of that opportunity.

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