Why Trump Should Be Afraid – Very Afraid

By Susan Kuebler

The man who showed during the primaries and general election that he could not tolerate any criticism, however inconsequential, continues his campaign of vendettas even after receiving enough electoral votes to be chosen the next President of the United States.

After claiming that the general election was “rigged” he and his toadies are fighting tooth and nail to prevent any investigations that there were any discrepancies in the vote.  Despite claiming that three million people voted “illegally” Trump’s campaign has brought legal challenges to re-counts in significant swing states.  Apparently, all of the illegal votings only occurred in the state of California, which doesn’t count because Trump stood no chance of winning that state.  If anyone has the right to feel insecure, it would be Trump.  He basically won the election by a combined 80,000 votes in four key swing states.  Clinton’s total popular vote margin now exceeds 2.8 million.

Instead of assuming a responsible position for a President-elect in the face of charges that a foreign power, Russia to be exact, interfered in our electoral process, Trump and his spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway airly dismiss the reports from the CIA as “ridiculous.” This is an insult to the men and women who place their lives on the line every day to gather intelligence essential for our national security.

Meanwhile, Trump announces Vladimir Putin’s close friend and former Exxon oil mogul Rex Tillerson as his nominee for Secretary of State.  Trump’s legal teams have gone so far as to challenge Electors who wish to vote their conscience as “undermining his election.”  For anyone who remembers the Republican National Convention, Trump opposes anyone who prefers to follow their conscience instead of his populist cult.  Perhaps it is because he has no conscience and cannot understand anyone who does.

Despite claiming a “landslide” electoral college victory, his margin of victory was nowhere near-landslide proportions and he knows it.  He will also start his presidency with the lowest favorable numbers in recent memory.  And now he faces a historically unprecedented rebellion in the Electoral College.  Not lead by Clinton supporters, but by one of his own electors from the state of Texas.

When Trump takes office on January 20, 2017, as he most likely will, his term in office will begin as “tainted.”  No wonder Trump is afraid.  He has good reasons to be, including the following:

  • His opponent in the general election received more popular votes than any candidate other than Obama in 2008.
  • He barely squeaked out enough electoral votes to win the election.
  • There are already bipartisan calls in Congress for an investigation into the Russian connection and his personal relationship with Vladimir Putin
  • Instead of the usual Pro-forma approval granted an incoming president, several of his Cabinet nominees will be heavily scrutinized by the Senate, and some might not receive confirmation.
  • Some of his most vocal supporters during his campaign have turned against him as he continues to break one campaign promise after another.

Yes, Donald Trump should be afraid.  Very afraid.

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