Republicans Empathetic to Russians and Crucifying The CIA

By Jason Taylor 

With the help of a foreign power and the director of the FBI, Trump used the Republican label and oodles of lies to help elevate himself to the presidency. And following the campaign, the lies keep coming. This will not stop because it has been wildly successful.

Although extremely ominous, it is not very surprising how other Republicans — among them, vice president-elect Pence, house speaker Ryan, and chairman Priebus of the RNC — remain quiet or repeat Trump’s lies. You say they are people who should know better, but is that really true?

Using a variety of methods to suppress the vote for Democrats, many Republicans have been lying and scheming for decades. Not only ominous but apocalyptic, is the Republican denial of the existence of global warming or their unwillingness to do anything about it. We can view their denial for what it really is. A kind of lie, and in this case a really BIG KIND OF LIE. Republicans are unwilling to act as moral agents on these issues as well as many others.

Republicans will go along with the likes of Trump (and the lies of Trump) because they feel right at home with crafting legislation based on lies to help them win elections while harming our most vulnerable citizens. In the case of climate change, an inconvenient truth, they would rather destroy the world than figure out how to deal with it. Incredible, but true. Therefore such individuals will easily repeat Trump’s lies many times, or refuse to disavow them.

Why wouldn’t Trump want a thorough bipartisan investigation?

This moment in history is going to call for some of us to behave extraordinarily heroically. Perhaps career intelligence officials will need to resign en masse so the Electoral College can see if it refuses to otherwise, that honorable people cannot be expected to serve a corrupt administration.

I am appalled that Trump plans to serve as our chief Executive, without allowing Congress to have the information required to provide oversight, a Constitutional requirement. Without complete knowledge of Trump’s holdings and debts, how can Congress possibly judge whether the administration has conflicts of interest or not?

There is far too much wrong with the picture of this incoming administration, quite apart from political differences.

On Sunday, Mr. Trump dismissed the intelligence assessment about Russian meddling with contempt, and accused Democrats of “putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country.”

The facts are that a substantial majority of the country, while not wild about Hillary Clinton, was clearly “anyone but Trump” — a fact brought home not only by the Democratic candidate’s now substantial lead in the popular vote but also by the support for both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

Many, many more Americans clearly wanted nothing to do with Putin’s preferred candidate — and if Trump were even a vaguely honest man he would acknowledge this, and be planning to govern in a more centrist fashion. But the man is clearly a pathological liar — who lies most of all to himself.

It is especially ironic that a party that prides itself on the public cultivation of virtue has now managed to rally behind the least virtuous person to have ever been the standard bearer for a major American political party — a person so shockingly amoral that he would encourage / provide cover for the meddling of a malevolent foreign leader in an American election, just so long as the meddling was to his advantage.

That McConnell was a party to providing cover for this new wave KGB dirty trick only underscores the rot at the heart of the Republican Party — and the emptiness of any claim of Republican moral superiority.

If either Trump, his campaign aides, or Republican Party officials had knowledge of Russia’s attempts to influence the election, then this is more than just meddling in our politics by a hostile power. It comes dangerously close to criminal acts by politicians seeking to injure their opponents. Trump himself invited the Russians to gather and release everything they could to harm Clinton. It may well have been more than a “rigged” election. It may have been a criminal election.

There are only three possible reasons that can explain Trump’s denial of the CIA investigation.

A) Russia fully appreciates the weakness that Trump has with regard to his narcissistic personality disorder and are exploiting it to their advantage. They know that if they butter him up and feed his bottomless ego, they can manipulate him. They realize that Trump is an authoritarian to the core and for him to receive the admiration of another, Putin, is a great compliment. Trump’s mental instability is, therefore, a national security risk. Trump’s behavior validates this point.

B) Trump has large secretive deals with Russia. They are interlocked to the tune of quite possibly hundreds of millions of dollars. Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and constant praise of Putin does not validate this point, but makes it highly possible and should be investigated as a national security risk. His rejection of security briefings brings additional suspicion.

C) The entire episode is a made up political attack. This is highly unlikely because if true, that means the dedicated career professionals of the CIA who die to protect this nation have conspired against the president-elect. Also, the FBI, which has disagreed with the CIA, has demonstrated a concerted effort to defeat Hillary with the Comey letter. In light of these events, the CIA should investigate the FBI.

Most likely, cases A and B are true. Also, the FBI is also suspect.

Prove A or B and impeach Trump.

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