Trump’s Art of Media Misdirection

By Bobby M.

Every single thing this supposed leader has done from the get-go was about getting people to focus on the wrong things and he used our media to do it. Trump has written (not really, just taken credit for work by real writers) books on the ‘Art of the Deal’ and ‘Art of the Comeback’, but his real art has been tricking people into thinking one think when they should have been focused on something else. Keeping him from doing that now has never been more important. Our press finally has clear-cut proof of Russia interference in our elections and they need to be held accountable for making it be the focus of every story involving Trump for at least the next week, considering the Electors will be voting on December 19th.

In case you may not have known, the Elector’s role in our system is not meant to just rubber-stamp select whoever got the most Electoral College (EC) votes. They are supposed to take everything into account and make sure that someone unqualified was not chosen for our Commander-in-Chief; a figurative safety valve. From day one after the 2016 election, this should have been a focus for American journalism. But they ignored it so as can focus on things like Trump’s dog and pony show for cabinet selections, feuds with a Broadway play and Saturday Night Live, and the Carrier deal. There are obviously a lot more examples that just those and yes that stuff needs to be reported on too, but in the background. What should be in the forefront are real stories such as Trump’s multiple Russia ties, him still not revealing his taxes even though he said he would after the election, and Kris Kobach’s fraudulent #CrossCheck scheme to steal votes.

The most recent, and some would say biggest, example of media misdirection is happening right now. Reports have come out that not only did Russia purposely intervene in our elections to help Trump win, but that GOP Senators covered it up. This should be bigger than Watergate. But he is trying to trick the coverage into treating that as basic news while all his focus is on his Secretary of State selection. Trump did not actually pick anyone yet, more like get a report out there so the talk will linger as long as possible and it can be a distraction. Fortunately, his pick ties together with the whole Russian connection story considering the person is Exxon Executive Rex Tillerson, a close ally of Putin. Hope our press does not fall for the trap of thinking the top international position is more important than treason. If they want to cover it, then tie it to the current Russian interference news.

It is pretty ironic that Trump hates the media as much as he does considering they never cover him correctly. All they do is report a few things, then move on while never giving anything any real focus. Numerous things should have been part of the narrative surrounding his entire campaign, but instead it was all forgotten and/or treated as fake news. And how will he thank them? By not having any press conferences and attacking the first amendment and the freedom of the press. One would think that given how he’s treated them and the threat of what he will do, you would think our reporters would change things up. Let us hope it happens right here, right now when it comes to that CIA report and Republicans covering it up.


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