Stop Being a Racist. Just Stop.

By Tom Milligan

As a white man in America, it’s just assumed that I’m a racist – not because of anything I’ve said or done – but because I’m white.  It sucks, but it’s true.  Solely because of the color of my skin, I’m labeled, judged, and even if my soul is racked with white guilt, I’m still considered the devil who isn’t allowed to be proud or to think his life matters.

Somehow, this treatment of white people by the Black Lives Matter and progressive movements is considered perfectly okay because I’m white.

Question: How is that any different from white racists who assume all blacks are criminals?  Or who believe all Asians are good at math?  Or that all Irishmen are drunks?

Answer: It’s not different at all.

When ANYONE of ANY race stereotypes ANY race – even it’s a complimentary stereotype – it’s racism.  Period.

“But slavery!” 

I get it. Slavery is, was, and always will be a huge stain on our nation’s history and, for better or worse, will always play a role in our shared future.  It’s up to us as a nation to shape that future together.

But since I’ve never owned a slave, why am I being judged on the actions of a few white people – most of whom are long dead – and not of my own actions?

That’s called racism folks.  And white or black, there’s no place for racism in our society so knock it off!

Stop being a racist.  Just stop.

And stop saying I owe reparations for slavery.  That’s right.  Beginning in 1999, and continuing to this day, organizations across the globe are calling for “the west” to pay up to $777 Trillion to Africa in reparations for slavery.

What a load of crap!

If reparations were to be paid by “the west”, the money would have to come from taxpayer funds.  The complete idiocy of my being forced to pay reparations through taxes is overshadowed by the astounding irony that tax-paying African Americans would also pay forced contributions towards those reparations.

I’m ¼ German.  Do I need to save up for reparations to the Jews for the atrocities committed during World War II?  I’m also ¼ Irish.  How much should I expect in reparations for the millions of Irishmen who were sold into slavery across Europe and the Americas?  Where does it end?

We all agree the practice of slavery is abhorrent.  But it’s time we admit that every man, woman, and child in the modern world reaps the benefits of slavery every single day.

European settlers came from Europe so they had no idea how to grow crops in the new world.  They needed help.  African men were kidnapped and brought west because they knew how to grow and cultivate crops in tropical climates; much like the climate in the southern United States and the Caribbean.

Other Africans were goldsmiths and expert metal workers and were snatched from their homes and villages and forced to work in gold and silver mines throughout the Americas.

So if you’ve ever enjoyed a nice cigar, have ever eaten rice grown in the western hemisphere, or worn gold jewelry or a single stitch of cotton, you are a beneficiary of slavery.

But it doesn’t end with commodities.

Between 1619 – when the first 20 African slaves were brought to Jamestown to help with the tobacco crop – until 1808 when Congress outlawed the African slave trade, nearly fifty thousand slave trading voyages took place bringing somewhere between 8 and 12 million captured slaves to the west.

The massive infrastructure required to move millions of slaves halfway around the world built entire cities like Liverpool, Manchester, and Bordeaux – which would barely exist were it not for slavery.  The slave trade made London the global capital of commerce and made New York a center of finance for the entire world.

No matter how ugly it was – and how deep the wound still is – slavery made the American economy possible and laid the very framework for today’s modern, global economy – and we all reap the benefits whether we like the history or not.

The bottom line is our country is chock full of white AND black people who are guilty of racism and unwarranted hatred and discrimination.  It’s time to end the hate and work together to build a better, more unified future and not let politics or the media continue to tear us apart.

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  1. The world is round and history is long. We ALL have a little slave blood in our veins, the difference a few centuries ago was almost exclusively by color. And also, the reparations mess is something that ticks off my dad, because he remembers when “Roots” came on t.v. and the young black men he worked with were stirred up and angry. I’d never seen it, but he told me that “they all conveniently forgot” (his phrase) that the first episode showed how the black slaves made it to America–mostly war captives sold to the traders by OTHER black African tribes. Everybody had a hand in it, so reparations to Africa would make no sense since those who profited way back when already did.

    But you’re right–when does it end? I’ve been asking this question the past year and it doesn’t matter what happens. I ran across a quote by John Wooden that I love: “Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.” A bit adversarial, perhaps, but what can you do about the opinions of strangers? Nothing. People believe what they want, and some days are just better than others.

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