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Truth About Billy Bush Firing Revealed

By Bobby M.

After the #BillyBush tapes, everyone thought he was fired because he participated in a lewd conversation that included his objectification of women and soliciting rape culture. The second part of that is still true however, but apparently the firing part is not as we thought considering NBC’s recent actions. If you did not know, Donald Trump will remain as an executive producer on “The Apprentice”. If the network really had a problem with what was said on the leaked tapes, they would have held that same standard to Trump himself. Instead, his part was basically ignored (except for the bad press he got that he rightfully deserved) and his position with NBC was rewarded. I guess the thought of having an active president still part of the show was too good for them to pass up regarding potential money making. So two plus two must means that Billy Bush was terminated because he put Trump in a bad position regarding public relations.

Because of all this, I wonder if NBC has ulterior motives regarding taking a general democratic voice and position with MSNBC. I mean, how can that not be questioned considering two different people who did the same thing (although as we all know, Trump’s comments were much more damning) are treated in polar opposite ways?

Was the whole fight over bigotry that led to the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants being removed from NBC programming staged as well? Or how about the Twitter wars with Saturday Night Live when it comes to his supposedly not liking their portrayal of him? After all, everything connected to those conflicts generated publicity and ratings for every party involved. Yes, this all sounds like the stuff of conspiracy theories, but how can that not be considered when you take into account the two entirely separate results for both of the people involved in the “Access Hollywood” leaked audio. Also, maybe now there is more credence behind the thought some people had that the recording would have never seen the light of day had it not fallen into the hands of David Fahrenthold (he was the one that publicized everything).

Odds are, it is more about NBC studios figuring out they can make money by keeping Donald Trump connected to the show. After all, it is obvious that is the driving factor for companies such as those given how badly TV media acted during the election. But one must look at NBC’s motivations more since it is such a strange entanglement. At least we all have one more reason to avoid that show and any reality TV produced by NBC from now on.


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