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American Intelligence: Russia Covertly Acted To Bolster Trump Campaign

By, Jason Taylor

I remember the days when Republicans considered Russia (back then, the Soviet Union) to be our mortal enemy. Nobody was more anti-communist, anti-Soviet Union than Republicans. Now, Russia and the Republicans work together to hand American presidential elections to the loser of the popular vote.

If there had been even the slightest whiff of Russian interference in an election where Republicans lost, it would be hyped around the clock on conservative media in order to delegitimize the election and rally their supporters. The usual suspects (Fox News, talk radio, and conservative blogs and websites) would be beating the drum around the clock. Congressional Republicans would be holding hearings and investigations for years. The conservative conspiracy machine would crank up and weave the wildest theories. The base would either be outraged or, as is often the case, feign outrage. In this case, where Republicans won and Democrats lost, there is a near conservative media blackout. The right-wing hype machine is silent.

It is reasonable to conclude that these two intrusions tipped a very close election in Trump’s favor. A look at late shifts in the polling data supports this conclusion.

We have Wikileaks dribbling out information concerning Hillary and her associates on a regular basis during the campaign, and then FBI director James Comey’s letter concerning Hillary related emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer, then fake news on Facebook, then the voter suppression efforts by conservative governors and legislators. With the accumulation of all these things, I believe the election was stolen.

And then there is Trump, the guy who calls other people crooks and liars, all the while lying and cheating himself, but the name-calling simply diverted the attention away from him and onto Hillary and anyone else. He was the one who first said the election was rigged, of course, only if he lost. Now he wants us to accept the results and don’t dare do any recounts.

He also wants us to believe that Russia didn’t hack into the DNC or have anything to do with trying to influence the election in his favor. I think the man and his team have much to hide and if we looked deep enough, we’d find that he actually stole this election with the help of Russia and his alt-right friends, such as General Michael Flynn and his son, who are documented as posting fake news stories.

I honestly don’t think Trump knew enough about the inner workings of government to pull this off on his own. I do believe the GOP recognized that it was an opportunity to take over by riding Trump’s wave of popularity with the angry, dumbed-down masses.

I’m shocked that no one called them out on the endless coincidences — Trump accusing Hillary of a rigged election. Giuliani baiting Don Lemon with “wait and see what’s coming out in the next few days”. Everything they accused Hillary of, they are guilty of. And yet, no one jumped on that early on. They let this happen.

If there are any patriotic republicans left, they must act now. Trump and his minions are consolidating power while the rest of the nation is stunned by the election results.

Massive egos have ruined the country for good this time. The country’s morale has been debilitated and we’ve seen racism and misogyny flare up like it’s 1950.

The Russians have interfered in our presidential election. This has been established. With Putin running Russia, we must believe he was behind these actions. I don’t for a second believe Russians would have engaged in this sort of activity without Putin’s direction and approval.

So, now what?

  • Declare Trump’s election null and void and not allow him to rerun in a new election?
  • Declare Pence to be the president since Putin had not mentioned him?
  • Put an Injunction on the electoral College from voting and declare Clinton the winner because of his winning the popular vote?
  • Severely sanction Russia?
  • All of the above?
  • None of the above?

I don’t know the answer, but some retribution seems to be badly needed. We, as a nation can not allow this garbage to go unpunished and uncorrected.

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