Trump Will Win!

By Tom Milligan

I know the headline makes it sound like I’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard that our country has gone insane and elected a reality TV star to the highest office in the land.  Sadly, I’m fully aware of our situation.  I know that Donald Trump is the President Elect and I’m terrified.  But I pray for his success.

“But he won the election!  What more can he win?”

I’m glad you asked…

During his presidential campaign, Senator Ted Cruz promised to repeal Obama’s “illegal and unconstitutional” executive orders on his first day in office.

To this day, I believe Cruz meant exactly what he said and that he would have followed through had he been elected.  The keywords to Cruz’s promise are “illegal” and “unconstitutional”.  In other words, Ted Cruz would review each of the executive orders issued by Obama and, relying on his almost freakish understanding of the US Constitution, would determine if they were “illegal” or “unconstitutional”.  If an order met the criteria, he’d repeal it.  Otherwise, the order would stand.  Simple. Logical.

As we’ve come to expect this cycle, simple and logical is never good enough for Donald Trump, who raised the stakes by promising to “undo all of Obama’s executive orders” if he were elected.

Promises like this cause the poorly educated to worship Donald even more because now they KNOW Ted Cruz is a pussy that doesn’t have the guts to repeal them all. Only Trump can get it done.

Trump’s supporters are sick and tired of those nasty Democrats who can’t work with Congress so they issue executive orders to cram their anti-American, anti-business, anti-Constitution, pro-choice, pro-Muslim,  pro-LGBT, pro-Trans bathroom, and progressive agenda down our throats.  And Obama is the worst offender.  So now President-King Trump has to repeal all of his executive orders to save us all.

It goes without saying that anyone who dares to disagree is a traitor, loves Hillary, hates America, is a cuck, or all of the above and should be deported with the illegals who lay awake nights scheming how to steal all the high paying landscaping jobs Trump’s supporters would apply for if only they could fill out the job application in crayon.

Did I mention they’re all idiots?

EVERY US President since George Washington has issued executive orders.

(NOTE: I’ve excluded William Henry Harrison since he died 32 days after his inauguration making his greatest contribution the unplanned and indirect creation of the 25th amendment)

Some Presidents were very stingy with their executive orders: James Monroe (Democratic-Republican), James Madison (Democratic-Republican), and John Adams (Federalist) each issued a single executive order during their administrations.

On the other end of the scale, Franklin D Roosevelt (D) issued 3,721 executive orders during his 12-year administration – an average of 307 per year in office!

Herbert Hoover (R) comes in a distant 2nd place with an average of just 242 per year.

The top ten issuers – including five Democrats and five Republicans – issued a combined 11,463 executive orders – more than twice the 4,015 executive orders issued by the other 33 Presidents combined (again, I’m excluding Harrison).

At last count, Barack Hussein Obama, the worst President in history, Satan incarnate, the founder of ISIS, and the President who can’t work with Congress has issued 227 executive orders or 33 per year in office and is currently number 22 on the leaderboard.  Obama falls behind notable Republicans Gerald Ford (69 per year), Nixon (62 per year), Bush I (42 per year), Bush II (36 per year) and Ronald Reagan; the great unifier, the conservative icon, and the President known for his ability to work with the Democrats and still get things done, who issued 381 executive orders – an average of 48 per year in office – coming in at number 15.

Some say a President that issues a lot of executive orders isn’t a unifier.  Others say a President that issues a lot of executive orders is just power hungry. Or maybe it’s just a sign of laziness, impatience, or narcissism.

Regardless of what it means, I’m confident that Donald Trump will beat Roosevelt’s record.  Just watch.

It’s our job to hold him accountable to make sure his executive orders are legal and constitutional.

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