Trump Picks Andrew Puzder For Department Of Labor

By, Jason Taylor

Yet another choice that is a total disaster for America. Andrew Puzder, a guy who rails against the ideas of the industry that he’s going to be put in charge of. This is just like the EPA nominee who wants to burn more oil and doesn’t believe in climate change. Or the A.G. nominee, Sessions, who doesn’t believe all Americans are equal nor should they be treated equally. Or the HUD nominee, Ben Carson, who doesn’t believe in government handouts, professes no ability to administer a large organization, has trouble staying awake, and doesn’t seem to be from this planet.

What better way to address all the blue-collar “economic anxiety” that we’re told is the reason Trump won than by hiring someone who feels low-income workers are paid too much.

Every time I think Trump can’t make another selection as bad as the one currently being reported he proves me wrong. Every single appointment made so far is horrendous and not just from an ideological perspective. If they were merely more conservative than I’d like it would be tolerable, disappointing but expected. Instead, he is choosing unqualified, antagonistic naysayers for every office. It’s like watching a farmer appoint a bunch of foxes to watch his hen houses.

With Sessions, Dr. Carson, Pruitt, and Puzder, that makes at least four cabinet choices designed to undermine the very purpose of the agencies that they would lead. Donald Trump is on his way to exceeding the anti-government dreams of the Tea Party, tenfold.

So yes, it’s another totally awful, nonsensical, destructive pick by Trump. The one bright spot is, this is exactly what I expected, and if Trump had been making a lot of conscientious, sane, intelligent choices, it would have blown my mind.

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