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GOP Basically Confirm Use of #CrossCheck To Steal Election

By Bobby M.

Unfortunately the actual confirmation is the use of elementary deductive skills to figure out the use of #CrossCheck, which I guess is too difficult for our pathetic media who are more concerned about getting TV ratings or pageviews on the internet merely from the use of the words, ‘Donald Trump’. Numerous GOP officials were all recently backing Trump’s claim that there were millions of illegals votes and that in reality he won the popular vote. They were not all saying this just to soothe the man’s ego, they were doing it because they have bought into Kris Kobach’s conspiracy theory. The theory that got him to develop his #CrossCheck plan for various states to use and disqualify votes after they were placed which you can read more about at here.

Remember, our incoming president is a big believer in conspiracy theories and fake news. So much so that he gave life to the theory that Ted Cruz’s dad was part of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and he often touts praise for Alex Jones and his website (many crazy schemes including how Sandy Hook shooting was completely faked). Trump has barely given any real time to actual intelligence briefings, leading one to think he values these non-traditional assumptions more. And that is where Kris Kobach comes in.

Kris Kobach is just a conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones, but in a position of GOP authority and unfortunately for us, his claims are based off of xenophobia and racism. He created Arizona’s unconstitutional ‘Papers Please” law that profiled anyone of Latino descent to be questioned merely based off the color of their skin and forcing them to prove their citizenship. Trump’s Mexican border wall plan, details were made and fleshed out by Kobach. This man even submitted a proposal to create an American Muslim registry when he interviewed for the Homeland Security position.

That is all Kobach’s #Crosscheck program is, a conspiracy theory. According to him, millions of people are registered to vote in multiple states. But in his plan, they do not look into social security numbers or anything else that truly differentiates a person. Their only proof involves similar names and they do it in a way that mainly targets African Americans and Latino Americans. And in most cases, these people do not even know it. They think they are voting like normal, but instead their vote gets thrown out all because of conditions Secretaries of State for the various states put in, which they did so off of Kobach’s instruction.

This brings me to the use of deductive reasoning and critical thinking. Let us begin with Trump’s rant about him supposedly winning the popular vote. His biggest backer for that claim was Kris Kobach. These things happened because it was Kris Kobach who told of his #CrossCheck plan directly to Trump himself leading to said rant. Why can’t our media understand this? And now that more republicans are backing Trump’s popular vote theory, it is obvious that they too have gotten behind the #CrossCheck theory as well.

People say we are living in dangerous times because we just elected an inept authoritarian with leanings towards xenophobia, racism, and misogyny. But what might be more dangerous is our mainstream media that keeps empowering the man and not doing the job they are supposed to do, inform us of the truth. They are more concerned with making money than protecting us, and because of that, our country is now in the position it is regarding it’s leadership.

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