The Need For Exceptional And The VA.

By David Oslin 

By now you can not have missed the latest VA travesties. I apologize to every vet I see and work with…they don’t understand why. But if I don’t do that little gesture I feel like I’m without a soul. We have let this situation spiral completely out of control. It will take out of the box thinking to fix this situation for our veterans.

That is why I can not support Gary Sinise for leading up Veterans Affairs. His work with his foundation and his obvious love for vets makes him an excellent choice for maintaining a working system. But that folks is not what we have today. The VA system is a mess and that is being kind. If we are being objective No hospital in the USA could get away with operating how the VA operates there would be riots over such conditions.

So why are we not rioting right now? Because it’s the VA? Because it’s always been that bad? Because it’s an object lesson on Government HealthCare? You COWARDS! That is exactly why we SHOULD be in the streets demanding OBAMA’S HEAD AND THE HEAD OF THE VA! The conditions of the VA that have been allowed to deteriorate on Obama’s watch have reached a state where they fulfill the CONSTITUTIONAL DEFINITION OF TREASON AND I QUOTE


No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. … The Constitution defines treason as specific acts, namely “levying War against [the United States], or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

ARTICLE THREE Of the USA Constitution.


This crime against those who have served is giving Aid and Comfort to our enemies. Our people may win the day but when they return home they return to a health system that does not CARE if they live or die. That is more concerned with EMPLOYEE BONUSES than actually taking care of our bravest and our best. It is at this point Conscious acts that make the news. I could link you report after report of outrage and disgrace by the VA.

But that is not the point of what I have to write today. Because there actually IS a solution. A player on the field who has the skills in management and the temperament a Trump Administration would prefer that would FIX this situation. OR to use his very famous phrase SHUT IT DOWN.

That man is Jon Taffer. Before becoming a Reality Show Runner, Taffer had saved HUNDREDS of businesses and the lives of god knows how many people through these actions. Taffer on his show regularly repairs lives and businesses by getting THROUGH to people. And he transforms these broken businesses into money making machines.

Now, what does a Bar have to do with the VA? More than you think. Lots of Vets frequent both places. Many vets OWN bars. To wit: Taffer has a reputation with them that is hard to match. Only Gary does better in all honesty. But Gary has nowhere near the level of Managerial Skill and Crisis management technique that Taffer has. The only bars that fail after this man has worked with them are those that do not take his advice. What needs to happen in the VA is fixing MANAGEMENT first. If it can be fixed that is. That honestly is not a guarantee. But one thing is certain. If Taffer can not fix it he will Shut. It. Down.

And that might be the last resort. Trump will need someone willing to head Veterans Affairs with the possibility of dissolving it to give these affairs to the States in some capacity or rebuild the entire organization from the ground up. Mr. Sinise as good as he is can not do this. It takes a skilled administrator and someone who can effectively manage a crisis. The VA needs to be rescued. It needs an intervention. It needs Jon Taffer.

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