When a Coke is not a Coke

By Lorana Hoopes

Trump’s election has been anything but smooth. He’s done a few good things and a whole lot of bad things, and he hasn’t even taken office yet. I have no doubt it will be a bumpy road, but I read an article today that actually gave me a little hope that even though he is a crass individual I want nowhere my daughter, he might have some ideas that will help this country.

Today I read that he wants to scrap the Air Force One deal. On the outside, people are up in arms about this, claiming that he just wants to rent out his personal jet to make some money back, and maybe that is a part of it. He has certainly proven he is out to make himself richer, but Trump’s stance is that Boening is raking taxpayers over the coals because they can. Now I don’t build planes, so I have no idea if planes cost 4 billion dollars to build, but I do agree with Trump that that number seems high considering the current contract is for 170 million dollars. I know inflation plays a part in that, but maybe Boening really is out to make a huge payday, and maybe Trump will save the taxpayers some money by renegotiating the contract.

The other article I read was even more eye opening. It had to do with the Supreme Court pick. According to this article four of the eight judges were raised on the east coast. The others, while born elsewhere, also spent most of their adult life on the east coast. Why does this matter?

Well, because a coke isn’t always a coke. Let me explain.

I grew up in Texas and where I lived everything was a coke. I didn’t drink dark colas, so when I went to restaurants, I ordered a coke and they asked what kind of coke and I would say a Sprite. I never knew it was any different until I moved to Washington state. The first time I went to a restaurant and ordered a coke, they handed me a coke. I just looked at it stupidly. Then I looked at the waitress and told her I really wanted a Sprite. She asked me why I didn’t order a Sprite, and I told her because in Texas everything is a coke.

So why does that matter?

These justices are making decisions for the whole country based on what the east coast wants and/or finds acceptable, but if you’ve ever traveled, you know that the morals and issues are different in the midwest than they are on the coasts. This is part of why Trump won. The people in the midwest were tired of having their morals and issues stepped on, forgotten, overlooked, etc.

Diversity is more than gender or skin color. Diversity is also part of your culture and how you were raised.

Trump’s list is comprised of many people who grew up and still live in the midwest states, the middle of the country that is often forgotten. I think this is actually a very smart move. It will increase the diversity of the court and allow all viewpoints to be heard when they are making decisions. It still may not always tip in the conservative favor, but at least there will be more conservative views like Scalia’s being heard.

So, while I still can’t say the Trump presidency is going to be great, I am starting to see some good ideas coming forth. If he can get a few of these midwest justices approved, then maybe it won’t matter that a coke isn’t always a coke.


Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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