The Working Middle Class Will Suffer Under Trump

By Jason Taylor 

If there was a consistent message throughout the campaign from both parties (though most strongly voiced by the insurgent candidates Trump and Sanders) it was that working class Americans were struggling. And the data supports that message with wage stagnation, loss of labor mobility, new skills requirements blocking paths to higher wage jobs, decreased rates of a labor organization, and a steep increase the wealth gap between the very wealthy and the middle class all indicative of a working and middle class that is falling behind.

Now, as has been true since Reagan, the Republican prescription for working class ills is to:

  • undermine education that would, in the long-run, give them the skills to compete in a modern workforce
  • cut taxes on the wealthiest, increasing the proportionate tax burden on the middle and working classes
  • seek to dismantle the social safety net, threatening the health and retirement of millions of Americans
  • limit workers protections, reducing workers bargaining power and enriching the holders of capital
  • eliminate or reduce enforcement of prudent financial regulations that limit systemic risk as well as individual exposure to usurious practices or fraud.

“Mr. Trump said his victory was not a rejection of what Mr. Obama has stood for, but a “repudiation of what’s been taking place over a longer period of time.” “

This should illustrate clearly what an abject liar Trump is. What has been taking place over a longer period of time is the establishment of an American caste system, based on economic inequality and disenfranchisement of the majority of the people. And what has Trump done to relieve that with his Cabinet picks? He certainly hasn’t “drained the swamp”. He’s turned the swamp into a cesspool full of voracious alligators, all of whom are just waiting to devour every last bit of the American economy for their own personal benefit. And HIS.

Most egregious of all, he has deceived the very people who need help in recovering from the financial ruin they’re experiencing, because of dying industries, globalization, and frank obstructionism from the Republicans who worked diligently to block any legislation from the Obama administration to address these things. They are the people who voted for him, and they are the people he lied to. His entire strategy is “deceive and betray”.

How in the world can ANYONE believe a single thing that comes out of the mouth of this man? Good Lord, Trump is America’s Tweeter-In-Chief, playing with his smartphone like a 5-year-old. This is leadership?


  1. No wonder my procrastination has reached epic proportions this past week–I am STILL half asleep wondering if this is a crazy bad dream, or a really good story idea…or a really impossible, full-of-it story idea…damn.

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