The Epidemic Of Fake News, And Those Who Propagate It

By Jason Taylor

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. – Albert Einstein

Yes, I know, fake news has been around for quite some time. When I came upon the social media scene there was MIRC, and then AOL chat rooms. Along came Facebook in 2004, and in 2006 Twitter was launched. Many of us that used MIRC and AOL chat rooms quickly transitioned over to Twitter. In its early days, Twitter was the wild west of social media, anything and everything was fair game. There weren’t many rules, and many of the users took advantage of that in the beginning. There were a thousand different clients you could use to access Twitter… that came to a screeching stop rather quickly.

Fast forward to the election cycle of 2008:

With then, Senator Obama running for President against Senator McCain, and his running partner Sarah Palin, I saw an explosion of fake news, and fake news sites. From Obama being a Muslim to Obama wasn’t born in the United States; The birth of birtherism.

With the latest fake news from none other than the king of fake news, Alex Jones, it has gotten very serious. Jones has been promoting this wildly false ‘PizzaGate’ scandal involving Hillary Clinton, and a host of others. Yesterday the ‘PizzaGate’ story took a turn for the worse. An armed man went into Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington DC to investigate the Alex Jones story for himself and decided to discharge his weapon.

A North Carolina man was arrested Sunday after he walked into a popular pizza restaurant in Northwest Washington carrying an assault rifle and fired one or more shots, D.C. police said. The man told police he had come to the restaurant to “self-investigate” a false election-related conspiracy theory involving Hillary Clinton that spread online during her presidential campaign.

The incident caused panic, with several businesses going into lockdown as police swarmed the neighborhood after receiving the call shortly before 3 p.m.

Police said 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch, of Salisbury, N.C., walked in the front door of Comet Ping Pong and pointed a firearm in the direction of a restaurant employee. The employee was able to flee and notify police. Police said Welch proceeded to discharge the rifle inside the restaurant; they think that all other occupants had fled when Welch began shooting. Washington Post.

Let me give you some examples of how this garbage flows through social media:

And of course, there are those that still believe Obama is a Muslim extremist:

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point. Is it fake news, or those who buy into it 100% the problem? I would say both.

Donald Trump loves the uneducated, he said it himself. Sadly, the vast majority of those who voted for Trump believe this nonsense. They take it as the Gospel. You could talk to any number of these folks till you’re blue in the face and you wouldn’t change their minds.

If it’s on the internet, then it must be true. So says Alex Jones…


  1. I’m convinced if people saw the real truth, in its raw form, it would bore them to death. Fake news is sensational and plays to the comfortable biases that most have formed over the years. I question everything because “if it’s too crazy to be true, it often isn’t.” Twitter is a good place to start for leads, but should not be the ONLY source used, Facebook is just a joke.

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