Buyer’s Remorse

By Lorana Hoopes

When I published my first book through CFP, I didn’t get what I paid for and I felt a lot of buyer’s remorse. I was told they would do some great promotion, but once I signed the contract, they claimed I had misunderstood the very clear statement that used to be on their website. Evidently a lot of voters are now feeling the exact same way about Donald Trump.

So much so that there has now been a website dedicated to it, which I have to admit I found amusing. And now Lewandowski is saying that the only people upset with Trump reneging on all his promises are the ones that took him literally.

How the heck else is a voter supposed to take a campaign promise?

Well, for those of us who realized Trump was the establishment and had no intention of draining the swamp, we realized that politicians lie. It’s what they do. They say whatever they have to say to get your vote. Trump may not be a career politician, but he’s got the lying part down pat. And now his supporters are coming out saying we should have known that he didn’t mean all those things. He’s doing exactly what he said. . . I mean meant or whatever. It’s so confusing.

I kind of feel sad for all these people who feel duped. I wonder how they got to be voting age without realizing politicians lie and that celebrity millionaires really only care about themselves.

Right after the election, people were really angry about third party voters, but I have never been prouder that I voted for Evan McMullin. Even though he didn’t win, he is still trying to improve our government. Even though he received death threats, he is still challenging Trump when others are now cowtowing. How different our country might have been if we had voted for someone who did what he said. How wonderful it would be if we could trust what a politician says and not try to figure out what he really means. And how great would it be if we weren’t spending millions of dollars on a recount because we had elected someone who didn’t scare us to death and who wasn’t being investigated by the FBI?

While the list keeps growing of Trump remorse, I can still proudly say that I’d still vote for Evan.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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  1. I’m a super duper liberal – I wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders but he was not my option. I voted for Hilary because her policies more or less line up with my desires – I worried the whole time she was the nominee because she’s so divisive, I worried she’d never beat Trump. Sadly I was right.

    Mr. McMullin is a shining example of what I wish Republicans had been in response to Trump. I hope he never backs down. It’s disgusting, watching everyone throw their morality out the window to support Trump. I’m an atheist who keeps hearing from family that Trump is God’s plan… I can’t swallow that by any stretch of the imagination. I’m much more inclined to believe Trump is a demon leading people astray (isn’t that a demon’s job?).

    I might even vote for McMullin if he runs next election – but he’d need to ease up on the pro-life stance to get my vote because in nations that outlaw abortion, women DO die because they’re forced to carry a pregnancy. I’m all for a woman making a CHOICE to carry a pregnancy to term even if there’s a huge risk, but I cringe in horror at the idea of that being FORCED on women in this country. I’d love to talk with him about that in more detail.

  2. I doubt he will change his stance on that. Like myself, he believes life begins at conception, and killing 70 million babies out of convenience is not right. An abortion is never necessary to save a woman’s life. Sometimes the life saving measures for the mother may cause the death of the baby, but that is not the same thing. Even abortionists agree, so even if abortion were stopped, life saving measures would still be there. Women would not be denied life saving care.

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