Yesterday Was A Microcosm For The Next Four Years

By Bobby M.

If anyone wanted a brief look at the nightmare the next four years under Trump may be, they recently got a preview. On the heels of a horrible deal that his running mate did most of the work on to begin with, the next President held another ego inflating rally. Given the position he is about to hold, people would think a gathering like that would be about uniting the country and reaching out to those that did not vote for him. That could not be further from the truth.

Listening to all of the media outlets and sycophants (same groups that attacked Obama for saving 1.5 million or more auto industry jobs) that are shilling for the Carrier deal, you would think it was the greatest thing ever and a prelude to more great things that will supposedly happen. But the truth is, the deal is a horrible one that Mike Pence did all the real work for while Trump took the credit. The governor of Indiana gave $7 million dollars in tax breaks to a company that will still move out 1300 jobs. Not even half of the workers in this factory will keep their jobs while at the same time the state loses out on major tax revenue. Revenue that could be used to pay teachers, fix roads, support police, etc. Not to mention, it sets a precedent for other companies to do the same thing…to move out the majority of their workforce and get financial incentives when doing so.

This will be a staple for the Trump administration, having his Vice President do all of the work while he takes credit for it. This is the only way anything will get done because Donald Trump does not have the aptitude for any kind of domestic or foreign policy as proven by his willingness to avoid all press conferences. And given Mike Pence’s underlying discriminatory beliefs, his doing the actual work is also a bad thing. But what makes it even worse is how the lackeys will pump this work up at the same time those rallies continue to sell the con.

The thank you tour Trump is now using is just a pretense for him to keep using these assemblies. He is addicted not only to the adoration these groups give to him, but also for the ability they give to keep his con going. Notice how the one yesterday was more about selling lies like the Carrier deal to the sound of cheers from the misinformed. He will keep trying to do that with whatever he can for the next four years. Plus, he will never reach out to others during these things and it will keep dividing the country even more.

There is still hope that something will happen to change this, but it is fading the closer we get to December 19th, the day the Electors (the supposed safety valve in our political system) from the Electoral College get together. If only the mainstream media would figure out a different way to cover the person killing democracy. At least there are some of us who will keep trying to hold him accountable and will never give up this fight.



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