The Unknown Benefit

By Lorana Hoopes

Since his election, Trump has been wanting to take credit for anything he can, even things he had no influence on, but he may not even know the biggest benefit of his presidency so far.

On the day after the announcement of Trump winning the presidency, requests for IUD’s at Planned Parenthood went up 900%. For anyone who still thinks Planned Parenthood isn’t all about abortions, you should check that number again. So many women think Trump is going to restrict abortions that they went out in droves to get IUDs to avoid getting pregnant. Why the heck have they not been doing this before? Well, because abortion was so easy and available before that women could use it as their birth control. This is exactly why Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded. I’m glad they put in so many IUD’s because it means that many fewer babies will die, but why is this not their priority rather than abortion?

Because there’s no money in it, of course.

See putting an IUD only allows for one appointment; very little money in that. But if women use abortion as their birth control, they can charge for the initial appointment, the procedure or pill, maybe a follow up, and of course the subsequent abortions. Because an abortion generally doesn’t keep you from getting pregnant again, unless of course you are one of the many casualties with a complication that requires your uterus to be removed, and statistics have shown that many women are now getting multiple abortions. So abortion is a continual moneymaker, while an IUD only makes money once.

And we all know it’s about the money.

Cecile Richards made nearly 1 million dollars in 2014. First off, who needs that kind of money? Secondly why does a company who’s CEO makes 1 million a year need $550 million dollars of tax money? The answer is: They don’t. No one person needs to make that much, and no one company needs that much tax money.

I may not agree with Trump on a lot of things, and I do wish Republicans had nominated someone who had been pro-life a little longer, but I can say that this benefit of his presidency is a good one, and I do like that he is appointing many pro-life people. If he accomplishes nothing other than decreasing abortion and increasing other birth control options, I’d still consider that a win.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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