The Carrier Deal: 800 Jobs Saved, 1300 Shipped To Mexico

By, Jason Taylor

What I found sad and more than a little depressing was watching this circus on CNN yesterday, excuse me, watching the divine savior The Donald, and some of these hard working people expressing their hope, that maybe their jobs would be saved. That’s how one man put it, that ‘maybe’ his job would be safe.

Of course, The Trumpeter is out there, his stage arranged with his bottles of snake oil all set up, ready to sell. The man behind the curtain, just as in the Wizard of Oz, is really just a balloonist and part-time magician who is truly full of hot air.

Fresh off his reading of the shenanigans of P. T. Barnum, Don oiled his way onto the stage, selling hope … and with a clever sleight of hand, giving very generous benefits to a company with profits into the billions to keep some jobs in our country.

And appointing two billionaires to key positions in his administration. After all, folks, who better to understand the trials and tribulations of being a hard working person with barely enough to make ends meet, than a trio of billionaires.

For the gullible, the Carrier announcement looks like a promise kept — well, half-kept at least. trump had said in his campaign that it’s “dumb” to give companies incentives to keep jobs in the United States. He wasn’t going to use carrots, he would use sticks, in the form of an import tax. He talked really tough against Carrier.

But now in bragging about saving some of the Carrier jobs, he reveals having exactly gone back on his word on how he would do it.

$7 million tax break for Carrier (kindly arranged by Gov. Pence at Indiana taxpayers’ expense)? No problem. Even though that’s chump change for Carrier’s parent company United technology, which in 2014 paid its outgoing CEO a golden handshake of $195 million. And not a word about an import tariff on units made in Mexico by those jobs that were exported. Can you say “bait and switch”?

Now stand by for the line-up of companies begging for public money as a reward for not exporting jobs. This is serious stuff — the NFL’s stadium blackmail model taken to a whole new level.

Far from being cleared, the swamp is already emitting a strong smell.

Meanwhile, watching and listening to Trump’s Cincinnati rally, I thought there was more than a slight suggestion of Nürnberg in the 1930’s. Creepy.

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