Gatlinburg: A National Failure

By David Oslin

This is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. This should be the national topic of conversation today. Gatlinburg is GONE. Completely gone in a potential ACT OF TERRORISM and the major networks and 90% of talk radio have said NOTHING. I mean NOTHING. CNN? Silence, MSNBC? Silence. I could go on and on and on.

The only reason The ONLY reason I personally know about this story is social media. Not even my friend who lives in TN is talking about it right now. Though to be fair he probably has family in that area and isn’t sure of their status as I write this. And the tweets the responses by some people to this tragedy are SHAMEFUL.

But then again this is just another day in Asserica. Where Right is Wrong, Wrong is right, and the guilty escape punishment. Where there is no backlash, no response when a Muslim Terrorist goes on a stabbing spree at a college. And the media tries yet again to force gun control down our throats. When President-Elect Donald Trump can nominate Two Billionaires yet still claim he is draining the swamp. When uncontrolled Judiciaries can overturn the will of the people without consequence.

And yes you heard me right. I AM Calling for backlash. I am calling for these communities to be SHAMED. I am calling for these people to be called out and named. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. These people act with impunity because they know we will not act! We will not shame these people we will not scorn these people. They take our magnanimous positions, acting upon the path of Christ and ABUSE that goodwill.

New Testament or Old. There is a time for that to end. And that time is right now. Gatlinburg has basically been wiped off the map. In terms of damage, it can only be equated to a nuclear strike. Not much is left standing. But at least in a nuclear attack, the incident is sudden, permanent and you really don’t feel that much for too long. Here? There is wreckage, shattered memories, homes will be gone. People who escaped will come back to find wrecked cinders. The mental damage from this will last the rest of their lives.

And. We. Do. Nothing.

If there was EVER a time to protest outside the Major networks over this IT IS NOW. IF there was ever a time to SCREAM at your elected officials at the National level to do something it is NOW. The entirety of the media is trying to squelch this story. It is succeeding to no small extent if not for the actions of people upon social media.

I am Calling Gatlinburg a terrorist attack. There is evidence to suggests the fires were not started by natural causes. If I am proven wrong so be it, but we have suffered MULTIPLE terrorist attacks on US SOIL recently. And the Media has done its best to COVER THEM UP. It is a disgrace, and the reactions to this are even worse. Here is a sample of them.

Another smart Tweeter caught this one.



Has yet to delete the tweet at the time of the posting. I’ve screenshotted this one just in case. Unbelievable, these are CITIZENS saying this about fellow CITIZENS. Just another day in Asserica. Where incivility is the Norm, and this special snowflake attitude is Coddled.

These cowards should be ashamed of themselves. Especially the cowards in the Media who will spend days on CA wildfires but not ONE SECOND on this. And because we tolerate this.  WE ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Not everyone though is sitting on their hands. Mercury One and other groups are preparing to storm the area as soon as they are allowed to. But that will take some time. Some people have gone in directly. This tweet caught my attention as well as I looked over the landscape of how this has been covered.

Tell me that we should not all be preparing or supporting efforts like this. I dare you to. If we are to recover as a nation. We first must recover our souls.

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  1. NO WHERE has it been published it was terrorism. All you Never Trump people are just looking to start problems.

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