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Swamp Alligator To Run Trump’s Treasury Dept

By Bobby M.

When Donald Trump made claims to clear corruption out of Washington, D.C., apparently it was all just a big lie behind the catchy phrase of #DrainTheSwamp. The most recent selection to the Executive Cabinet is Steve Mnuchin. Regarding this choice, Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio said, “This isn’t draining the swamp – it’s stocking it with alligators.”

This isn’t draining the swamp – it’s stocking it with alligators. – Sherrod Brown

Many people might say that of all the swamp monsters Trump is installing into his administration, Steve Mnuchin might be the worst of the bunch. Those people would be the ones he helped put out on the street during the financial crisis of 2008. He ran a bank during that time that was so prolific in kicking families out of their houses that it was called the ‘Forclosure Machine.’ That now makes two people in Trump’s cabinet connected to the Great Recession who profited off of the misfortune of everyday Americans. The other is Wilbur Ross who was named the Secretary of Commerce.

“Hedge fund managers are getting away with murder” was a comment Trump made during the campaign. Now after the election, he names one to lead the Treasury.

You would think that would be enough to know about how bad a person Mnuchin is, but there is more. When Bernie Madoff was swindling billions with his Ponzi scheme, our future Treasury Secretary made $3 million dollars. And he has faced numerous allegations of racists lending practices over the course of his career as well. Do not be surprised for another financial collapse to happen either because Mnuchin wants to remove many of the regulations on Wall Street that were put into place to keep them from doing it again. Apparently being the chief financier for the Trump campaign during the election came with the perk of being named to this office. That, or he will just be yet another ‘Yes Man’ as part of this con act on our country.

There is one good thing about the pick to be the Secretary of the Treasury; it will expose some of the hypocrisy of Trump’s most ardent supporters. You see, they loved to attack Hillary Clinton because of her ties to Goldman Sachs and George Soros after being instigated to do so by their glorious leader. Steve Mnuchin worked there for 17 years and had a father who was employed by the same firm for over three decades. And during all that time, he developed deep ties to George Soros. But their hypocrisy will be of little comfort as the Treasury Department gives tax breaks to the rich, while doing the opposite for everyone else and making the national debt even worse.

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  1. Its a step up for him.

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