Subjugation, Here We Come

By Bobby M.

In the span of just a few days, Donald Trump has made it clear that he wants to subjugate us all to his will. He started out by trying to delegitimize the vote of every one who voted against him. Next, he makes yet another assault on the first amendment, while also hinting towards police action towards anyone he declares a dissident. And finally, he is wanting to destroy the use of Medicare for the people of this country.

Logic would dictate to most people that if a candidate is willing to act like the votes for his opponent do not matter, worse is on the way. Will he next try and put forth a call of arms to the people he tricked into voting for him to attack those that did not? Considering his latest Trumpertantrums on twitter, no one would be surprised if he said something like that. But what is far more likely is continued voter suppression ideals instituted. The GOP just learned how effective those are for their party, so when when you have a President making claims against voting, he will likely be on board with any further actions such as those.

Khizr Khan proved this past summer¬†that Donald Trump has no understanding for the Constitution. More evidence happened for that belief with Trump’s recent rant about flag burning. While that kind of thing does suck, it is still protected by our freedom of speech. But given his past comments regarding protests and the media, this new lack of understanding for the first amendment should not be unexpected. Statements like he made today heighten those concerns while also making it seem like he’ll seek determine what he thinks is patriotic and punish those who do not meet his standard.

The last part involves our healthcare system. Donald Trump campaigned on not letting government destroy Medicare. A vast number of the people that voted for him rely not only on government help when it comes to healthcare, but also Obamacare in general. The naming of Tom Price, believer in Paul Ryan’s stance to gut Medicare, as Health and Human Services Secretary proves Trump is about to break yet another campaign promise. The people most in need of help with healthcare will have their spirits broken even further by these actions.

The electoral system was not set up just to give a reward to the most loyal members of a political party. It was set up to be a safety valve to prevent unfit leaders from taking our highest office. Donald Trump has proven even more just how lacking he is regarding any kind of leadership skills. If something does not happen soon, we will see just how horrible the next four years are about to become given the preview we have gotten lately.

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