Mitt Or No Mitt?

By Linda Stockton

I have been beating this same drum ever since Mitt Romney’s name came up in connection with Secretary of State. I’m gonna lay it out right now. Short and sweet.

Donald Trump is scrambling for credibility. He is desperate for the country to get on the approval train instead of the “not my president” bandwagon. He is a shrewd manipulator..that is his game. He has manipulated the market, the real estate laws, the tax laws, the press, women, celebrities, donors and, most egregiously, the American people. He is a first-rate bully and has a tendency to publicly pout when he doesn’t get his way. He never forgets a slight or an insult and revenge is not only his friend but his mission. Enter Mitt Romney.

Romney is a sharp, dignified man with integrity and morals that Trump cannot understand. Romney has principles and is an honorable patriot with a deep and abiding love of country. Yes…he is a very wealthy man. Yes…he is a politician. Yes…he has some ideas that are not as conservative as others. But he is also everything that Trump is not. Romney is faithful to his wife, respectful to everyone, trustworthy with the nation’s honor and Is guaranteed to use diplomacy and decorum. Oh, yeah…he is also sane.

So, Trump’s game goes something like this:

Float the rumor about Romney and SOS…see what happens on twitter.

Some positive remarks about lending dignity to Trumps admin but many derisive comments that Romney too good for Trump

Trump summons Romney. Romney meets with Trump as any respectful citizen would do.

Trump, still holding grudge against Mitt, dangles SOS in front of Mitt. Mitt respectfully asks for time to think about it, talk to Ann and the kids and pray about it.

The trumperstorm begins…the setup. Trump tweets about Mitt “really wanting” SOS. Then indicates he is withholding it waiting for an apology. His temper flares when Mitt does NOT apologize. Trump regroups.

He calls for a second meeting..tonight.

                 Here is what I believe will happen and there is no good resolve:

Romney will not apologize because…truth. Remember Mitt is an honest guy. Trump will withdraw offer then spin it by saying that he broke the news to Mitt that he had chosen another contestant to win SOS! He will do his best to make it look as though Mitt was unsuitable, unqualified etc…


Trump is so desperate for some type of political and moral cache that he will nominate Romney but do everything he can behind the scenes to ensure he is not confirmed…


Romney just says no. Because he simply cannot stomach the idea of being subjected to Trump or beholden to him for any reason. Because of his strong sense of duty and service, this would be difficult but not entirely impossible.

The outcome, however, is the same. It is unlikely that Mitt Romney will be our next Secretary of State even the general consensus seems to be that he would be a shining star in an otherwise dismal administration. Again, we may see our country losing out just so that Donal Trump can look like a winner. I should note here, that I desperately and sincerely hope that I am wrong…


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  1. I don’t know enough about Mitt Romney to like him or dislike him these days, but if he’s got more than a handful of sanity, that’s already a plus point (wow, are we scraping the bottom of the barrel for compliments or what?) Well, should he be the one shining light in this administration, that just means he might end up with the nomination (again) instead of Trump come 2020…hmm…

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