Election Recount Update

By Bobby M.

Donald Trump turned a story on the vote recount that would have been in the background into another scandal. In case you did not know, Jill Stein initiated a fund raiser that she claimed was all about election integrity. Even though there were concerns that her effort was more about gaining publicity and money for the Green Party, it gained traction. And as proof trickled out such actions may be needed in Wisconsin, the Clinton campaign did their due diligence and sent an emissary to observe things. Apparently this all got underneath the skin of Trump and he threw a tantrum in the form of a tweetstorm in the early hours of Sunday morning. But things really took a turn after this…

In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally by @realDonaldTrump 12:30 PM – 27 Nov 2016

The series of early hour tweets by themselves would be enough to make one think something is weird, but when it is coupled with a comment based off of a fake news story by the President-Elect trying to delegitimatize millions of voters, the whole thing takes a new meaning. Doing something like this not only makes people wonder about his belief in democracy, but also gives others more second thoughts on his temperament if using the guy who thought the Sandy Hook shootings were faked as a source.

Something else that should be noticed is how he was more outraged about this, than he is when it comes to the thousands of cases of hate crimes on his behalf from his supporters towards minorities. But I guess that should not be surprised since his feud with Saturday Night Live’s Alec Baldwin and his misbegotten slight from the cast of Hamilton also got more attention from a supposed President.

As many people know, Donald Trump likes to try and misdirect the media by feigning some sort of outrage. Perhaps that was his original intent when he grasped onto all this like he did today. There was growing interest in the press talking about a conflict of interest presidency that culminated in the story by the New York Times and I guess he thought he needed to deflect that attention to something else. People were even saying he should liquefy all of his business assets after his comments saying he intended to continue running them while still being the president.

Maybe this is my own conspiracy theory, but I wonder if he fought so hard to push this narrative because he knows something happened voter fraud wise in his favor. After all, the Russians had hacked many state election-system vendors prior to November 8th, along with their obvious participation with Wikileaks. So them doing something more beyond all that would not be such a huge of a stretch of the imagination. Trump had been in contact with the Putin regime more than any other foreign entity, so the topic could have come up if it did happen. After all, their money was about to run out next year due to the economic sanctions imposed on them for the Ukraine invasion, so they had a huge stage in the election outcome.

Regardless of what the truth really is regarding the vote or all of the other things connected to it, no one can argue against the fact we are in for a very tough next four years. We just have to hope that the media and our congress decide to fight for us and stop normalizing the behavior of what may turn into a kleptocracy.


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