Between a Rock and a Hard Place

By Lorana Hoopes

I remember when Trump was on the campaign trail that he said he was going to surround himself with “good” people, with “smart” people, with “the best.”

Now that he is trying to do that with Mitt Romney, people are criticizing him.

I am no Trump fan, but I have to give him credit that he is looking at people who opposed him because he thinks they would be good for the job. He is willing to look beyond the typical “yes” men to try and get the best person for the job. I think he should actually be commended for this. Leaders need to be surrounded by people of dissenting views. If not, they think they are perfect, and this is what leads to dictators.

If Trump only surrounds himself with sycophants – the Huckabees, Guillanis, and Hannitys – then he will never hear anything other than “yes, that sounds great.” These men have already shown that they will not stand up to him on anything. Vulgar comments? Oh it’s just locker room talk. If they won’t stand up to him on something as simple as this, why do we think they would stand up to him on anything else. Let Russia have our nuclear codes? Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea. I always knew Putin was a pussycat.

And Mitt Romney is now stuck between a rock and a hard place too. He despises Trump and everything he stands for, but Romney truly wants to make America safer and better. The only way to do that for the next four years is to work with a man he fought against in the campaign. It’s funny how Trump’s supporters say every vile thing he said or did in the campainging was “just politics” but they don’t say the same about Romney. Romeny was trying his hardest to make sure Trump was not the nominee, that is true, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t work with him. It doesn’t mean he still wouldn’t do a fantastic job as Secretary of State. It just means he would have wished for a different president if he could.

And so would half of us, but now that Trump has been elected, it is our job to try and work to with him to make sure this presidency doesn’t become a joke. It’s our job to try and put good people in office who are willing to stand up to Trump. Does it mean he will always listen? No, but it means he will have the option to, and that is important. So all the Trump supporting Romney haters out there should quiet down. If you want Trump to succeed, then he needs to pick good, knowledgeable men and women to do the job because he doesn’t have the experience on his own.

Therefore #IStandWithRomney

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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