Trump Puts Education Of Children At Risk

By Bobby M.

Betsy DeVos, who is most known for diverting money away from public schools and wanting to privatize the entire system, has recently been named the Secretary of Education pick by President-Elect Donald Trump. I guess this should not be that huge a surprise considering the emphasis he placed on School Choice during the campaign, but with all the political promises he had already broken, hope had remained, until now, that this too would be something he would not follow through on as well.

If you did not know, School Choice is a stance the Republicans have held for quite some time that involves doing away with geographical assignment for school placement. This in itself would not be so bad, but the extreme measures connected to it could be catastrophic for children who attend public schooling. Betsy DeVos is one such person with those kind of views, and now she may be leading the entire Department of Education.

Our possible future Secretary of Education, the person in charge of deciding many federal dictates when it comes to public schools, has zero experience working in an educational environment at all. How can someone who has not attended or even had her children at an institution that relies on governmental revenue understand what may be needed? The DeVos family has even been caught evading their property taxes, which is how most schools are funded. And a billionaire whose never had a real job in her life, has tried to say that public school teachers, people she will supposedly have a voice for, are overpaid.

Voucher bills, a platform that got its start by trying to keep schools segregated through private institutes after racial integration, has always had DeVos as one of its primary advocates. When various voting initiatives have failed, she then focused on the lobbying side to achieve these goals. In a time where lobbyists have figured out a way to divert the most money they can away from public schools to private ones, having one of their lead proponents in charge of the Department of Education could be devastating to the futures of many children.

“In nominating DeVos, Trump makes it loud and clear that his education policy will focus on privatizing, defunding and destroying public education in America,” American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten

This woman’s overall goal is to have all federal dollars for education go to private institutions that are run by for-profit organizations while also being a champion for trying to bring back child labor. So imagine if you will, all the extracurricular activities that could find their way on the chopping block at the same time as academic standards become secondary to making a dollar. And this does not take into account the department’s other chief concern, all things college related; a field she has even less experience in dealing with. Not to mention, Obama has done some good work regulating for-profit universities which will probably get rolled back considering a man that ran the biggest scam for that industry is now taking over for him.

If we take a look at the Michigan state school system, the one that has been involved the most from DeVos lobbying, you will see lower results that has loopholes that lead to some children falling through the cracks. It is a good thing that a position like this needs to meet congressional approval and there is a system in place to tell your senator to vote no on her.

Is this pick an ulterior motive to give rise again to scam colleges like his Trump University? Perhaps this cabinet choice was all an elaborate attempt by Donald Trump to get revenge on the generation that has overwhelmingly protested his election. Or maybe it is all about trying to cover up his own ignorance. But I am willing to bet that it is more than just a happy coincidence for him to try and keep a group that is dominated by the poorly educated from learning critical thinking skills and instead keep supporting him.


  1. Isn’t this just a bad dream…why can’t I wake up? The meme somebody posted to my facebook this week sums up my new mantra, well past inauguration day at this rate: “The first rule of 2017…never talk about 2016.” I want to hit my head on the wall until something productive happens…but other than changing out the wallboard, don’t think it’ll go much good right now.

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