Donald Trump’s Many Mixed Messages

By, Jason Taylor

Donald Trump will come to be known as the “Accidental President” as his four-year term progresses. There was a time when a son who inherits wealth from his father and disgraces himself was called the “idiot son”. Trump’s financial success only occurred because his father loaned him millions of dollars to get started then left his business to him also.

Trump, like many of the super rich, freely skirt the law because there is no downside to doing so. When his “charitable” foundation donated $10,000 to a Florida politician, then got caught, his fine was $2500, i.e., pocket change to a wealthy man. So, they do what they want. If they get caught, they write a little check and move on — no biggie.

Americans should be aware that lawsuits and class action suits in other countries like France are rare or not possible. In France, a personal injury suit when won garners peanuts compared what it would in America. As a result, there is little cause to be litigious as there is in the US. Trump will be an ongoing embarrassment or standing joke for America as he and Americans are ridiculed because of his presidency.

I still can’t believe this con man is now President. His habit of always making some disaster he faces a personal badge of honor (I care more about the country than I do winning this suit!!!!) is just so twisted.

Consider the implications for American foreign policy: The veracity of Executive Agreements and verbal commitments made by “The Donald” will be equivalent to those of Kim Jong-Un, The Boy Prince of that dynastic Hermit Kingdom, North Korea. Few can forget that “Fatty Kim III,” as the Chinese call him, reneged on the nuclear agreement to forgo nuclear weapons made with previous administrations. Trump will be no more credible.

“Trust, but verify,” Ronald Reagan cautioned us in dealing with the Soviet Union, but now all other nations will be so cautioned in dealing with the United States under the Trump administration.

Even Mr. Trump’s naive supporters will realize one truth soon enough: Donald Trump does not have the ability to “focus” on running the country. Others will be doing that, and from what we’ve seen from his selections so far, that is a frightening prospect. Mr. Trump pursued an exercise in vanity and self-promotion. I doubt he even considered what actually winning the presidency meant. Now, with his sinister group of operatives behind the scenes and a Republican congress, America, and the world are on the brink of serious danger.

The thing that gets me the most about all of this is the stupendous hypocrisy of the right and so-called “Christians”, who have completely overlooked Trump’s disgustingly dirty persona in this, the new U.S. of Bizarro World.

Sex offender? No problem! Racist? No problem! Insult the handicapped? No problem! Misogynist? No problem! A President with 75 current lawsuits against him by the same people who voted for him? No problem! Everything will be great again!

While the US and the world watch Trump dance on a tabletop like crazy Uncle Charley, Mike Pence, an extremist Republican if there ever was one, spins his web with a focus on throwing women, people of color, Muslims and the dupes who helped put him in office under the proverbial bus. [Excuse the mixed metaphor.]

My heart goes out to the American people who got taken in by these charlatans. The worst is yet to come.

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