Advice from a Tech. Black Friday Sales: Tech Edition

By, David Oslin 

Keeping in line with my tech focus, I’ve hunted and pecked and found a few of the bigger deals available today online and in stores if you’re interested in hunting the best tech down.

Best Buy’s biggest

Ipad Pro 9.7 128 GB in-store only 574.99 instead of 700.

Free 250 Best Buy gift card AND Samsung VR if you buy and activate an S7 galaxy and S7 edge for Verizon ATT or Sprint.

Toshiba 49-inch TV 449 Regular, 199 on Sale. If 4k is your thing. 55 inch Samsung UHD 4k for 479. Normally 800 The Toshiba is in-store only the Samsung can be bought online

And the biggest deal out of them is the Microsoft Surface which is literally 40% off. 12.3 inch 128 GB with keyboard normally 1000. It will be 600 this morning in store only.


Steam Sales have kicked off in earnest, while the massive end of year winter sale has yet to truly begin they’re getting in some Black Friday madness too.

Project Cars, The known Go-to game for professional racers is better than 50% off on steam 11.99

Doom is available for 19.99 (Most recent edition)

Fall out 4 also available at that price.

GTA also available for 29.99

Skyrim Ultimate 13.70

Civ 5 Complete: 9.80

If you know anything about Steam Sales it’s a crazy time. These are just some of the biggest. But save some for the Christmas/new years sales.


Origin, of course, will not be left out of the fun. While EA’s selection is not as big as steams it still has some exclusive titles:

Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY edition is 14.99

Battlefield 1 premium 19.99

Titanfall 2 basic is 39.99 off its normal of 60

Deluxe version is only 53.32 compared to 80

Need for speed Deluxe is only 19.99


To round the list out we go back closer to parts with what Newegg is going to be running this year.

Xbox 1 s 1tb Gears of War Bundle is only 300. Plus gifts.

PS4 slim Uncharted bundle 250 500 GB model.

Samsung 5 inch 4k HD 400 not eligible for free shipping

Xbox controller for Xbox 1 and windows 10 is available for 40 dollars.

The Big Sale out of Newegg that might make you empty the bank will be the ASUS Republic of Gamers Laptop Available for 994. This is a 1700 laptop with the Mobile 980 GTX the I7 processor 16 gigs of memory and a 1tb HD. And it has free shipping. You will likely NOT see this particular sale anywhere else. Not even ASUS will offer it at this price. By far the best deal of the day that I’ve found.

And of course, Newegg is chock full of parts deals that will not be found other places but there are far too many to list.


These are just some of the details available most available online but some of the Best Buy ones you’ll have to go to the store for. So to end this article here are a few safety tips.


  1. No item is worth your life. People are going to be crazy after some of these. TV’s likely, in particular, don’t get into a fight. Some of these guys live for this day.
  2. Sometimes Cyber Monday has even deeper deals but NOT ALWAYS. Go with your Gut if you think something might be more expensive later don’t hem or haw. Grab it.
  3. Identity theft is increasing and this is one of their biggest days. If you’re buying in person doublecheck POS Terminals before you swipe and ALWAYS check ATM’s. As a matter of fact on this day, I recommend avoiding ATM’s all together and paying by check if necessary.
  4. If a place does not have a stated prohibition against carrying and its legal. Carry Concealed. This is also a day where Criminals do their big work.
  5. Traffic will be a nightmare, plan ahead, consider public transit if it is viable where you live.

And one last thing, Saturday is for small businesses. If you haven’t found something you want in a big store. Consider shopping at a local one around town. They might have something you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Enjoy the sales, if you venture out today. Be prepared. Good Luck.

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